Suggestions on dealing with herd of dindu’s ruining the neighborhood.


When that first family of thieving, troublemaking dindus arrives in your neighborhood, what’s the best LEGAL response?

Most of the comments at the source site for this post suggested moving. You can also keep calling the police.

Check out the thread for other solutions to the problem of an invasion of parasitical nagger cockroaches should your neighborhood experience the black plague.


Suggestions on dealing with herd of dindu’s ruining the neighborhood.

Recently a herd of dindus moved into a rental section 8 house in our neighborhood.

I look outside this morning only to see one of the breeders walking down the street. Next thing I see is this breeder looks around and bends over and steals a neighbor’s newspaper.

I figure if so low as to steal the paper probably scouting ads to where they are going to be shoplifting on black friday.

They also walk a dog and take it to other folks yards to let it poop and don’t pick it up.

Since this herd arrived there has been an increase in the litter on our streets. You see them walking back and forth to the mini mart at least 20 times a day. Grape soda cans, lotto tickets, empty chip bags etc.

Any ideas on how to deal with this influx of dindus?

We are moving in the spring. Still doing repairs to house to get it ready to sell.

Would appreciate any ideas on how to deal with this herd legally.

Here’s a unique suggestion that may have some merit.

Video everything. Have cameras set up so they monitor the outside from as many angles as possible. For nothing else than to cover your own ass if something happens. Also, to back up anything for the police. Don’t tell anyone in the neighborhood you’re doing this. Do not hook the system to the internet. You want it as passive as possible. Audio should also be considered.

If something does happen, make copies, several copies! The police are known to confiscate all recordings, and sometimes the equipment-so you better have several stashed with an attorney, family, friends outside the neighborhood..,

That way if someone starts yelling to the news you’re a (add emotional deck here), you’ll have a copy to give to the reporters, and one to put up on Youtube with a thread here on GLP ASAP!

nigger head

4 thoughts on “Suggestions on dealing with herd of dindu’s ruining the neighborhood.

  1. REVELATION 14:11 = the only solution for all j.e.w.s. After all, they are all just eternally wickeds. “Can they change their spots?” Never!!! The Lake of fire is their only friend (teacher). Nothing else will keep them from doing only evil 24/7.

  2. If we’re talking about Section 8 housing, you might consider suing the property owner under the legal theory of “Nuisance”.

  3. Good advice, such as “you better have several stashed with an attorney, family, friends outside the neighborhood.”
    I have a theory that lost evidence may often be indicative of police accepting bribes from the perps. So, if your evidence is “lost” send the extra evidence to police internal affairs and any anti corruption body in your State.
    911 and JFK had a lot of lost evidence and no real effort to collect any after both crimes. JFK had a lot of eye witnesses murdered also, such as by a karate chop to the neck. An unusual way to die. Others died in 1963 and 1964 of “natural causes”, but a lot more than would be expected.

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