Rabbi Allegedly Forced 12 Year Old Girl to Perform Oral Sex on Him


This story brought out the anti-religion crowd of commenters at the Daily Mail. How you go from one rabbi accused of taboo sex to condeming all religion is a giant step in irrationality as far as I’m concerned.

Daily Mail

A child rape case involving a prominent rabbi accused of assaulting a teenage girl is casting a light on the harsh rules of a Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

Nechemya Weberman is accused of fondling a young girl and forcing her to perform oral sex on him over the course of many years beginning when she was 12.

Prosecutors say the girl’s parents sent their rebellious daughter to him for counseling after she broke several rules of the strict Satmar Hasidic sect, including reading magazines like Cosmopolitan and People and wearing stockings that were too thin.

Rabbi Weberman, a respected leader of the small community, was supposed to be re-indoctrinating the girl and bringing her back to the ultra-conservative standards of the community after she was branded a ‘heretic.’

Instead, she told a counselor years later, he was abusing her.

‘When you think about it,’ assistant district attorney Kevin O’Donnell said, the alleged victim’s parents ‘were actually paying the defendant to have sex with their daughter.’

O’Donnell added that Weberman abused the girl, now age 17, ‘over and over again.’

The rabbi’s lawyers are fiercely denying the allegations. They say the girl made up the story to retaliate against him.

They say the girl went to police only after Weberman and her parents set up hidden cameras to secretly record the girl having sex with her boyfriend when she was still underage.

These Jews are a good example of a failure to assimilate. They should be forced, all of them, to go to their own country, which is Israel.

As to the guilt or innocence of the Rabbi, the court ought to delve into the holy writings of his sect. I suspect that it permits sex with underage girls. That wouldn’t be proof of his guilt, but in a rational world it would be powerful evidence.

jew pin anything on me

7 thoughts on “Rabbi Allegedly Forced 12 Year Old Girl to Perform Oral Sex on Him

  1. Allegedly, Lucifer drools when he hears the word, Allegedly. Satan soooo much wants people to seem to be less than he is speaking through Muslims. Satan does not want to edify or comfort anyone through a Muslim.

  2. Yes, the talmud allows such, as does the koran. But naturally, the dumb goy commenters cannot seem to make out the difference between satanic garbage like judaism [and islam, which is a jewish construct] and the true religion of Christianity. Again, due to the jew…
    And note too the inclusion of the term ‘conservative’ when describing the perps ‘sect’ ; not by accident my friends.
    One minor correction tho – the land of Palestine is not the jews – they have never lived there in any great numbers until after it was stolen in the 40s by the US and Britain. The jew has NO homeland – they are wanderers upon the earth. The Bible says that such will be the curse of cain and esau, and even the jews own writings agree. The whole ‘israel’ thing is solely for propagandising the goy who cling to the laughable notion that the modern jew is actually related to a Biblical Hebrew or Israelite, hence allowing the jews continued parasitic existence and support – regardless of [[[their]]] actions – by the gullible and ignorant white masses. Its no accident Jesus calls us ‘sheep’…

  3. As Christ 100% correctly states, “you j.e.w.s. (demons) are guilty of all crimes, ever” (Lit Matt 23:33-36). Mongoloid, negroid, and beth-togarmah j.e.w.s. (demons) have committed all crimes, ever, 24/7, since they first existed….Matt 25:41….”the lake of fire is prepared just for all of them, forever” = the fiery torment never ends…Rev 14:11, Amen!!!

  4. “the alleged victim’s parents ‘were actually paying the defendant to have sex with their daughter.’ Why would the prosecutor weaken his own case with this word alleged?
    So the victim is “alleged” to be a victim. This could amount to child abuse for a second time, by the justice system.
    Worth noting that many (((psychiatrists))) over the years have abused sexually vulnerable women as have medical doctors and other “helpers”.
    Beware of asking for help! Next thing you know there is a cock inside you, or maybe one of your kiddies. (((Freud))) led the way, by fucking his blond shiksa paying patient. Her fantasies seemed to match his, word for word. So that filthy perv rapist got a Nobel Prize and helped to destroy the West.
    Some men of God shag and fiddle with their flocks, especially children, boys more often than girls. Is that what the Word meant “Suffer the little children to come unto me”.
    The priest (or church volunteer) does the coming and the children do the suffering.

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