(((Jill Stein))) Gets Her Vote Recount in Wisconsin, a State Narrowly Won by the Donald

Jill Stein garnered 1 to 2 percent of the vote in the presidential election, standing as the Green Party candidate (whatever that is).

She won’t be president, but if she succeeds in overturning the voting results in three states where the vote was close, Hillary Clinton will become the next president of the United States, not Donald Trump.

As it is, this effort by Stein is nothing less than an effort to undermine Trump.

Stein criticized Hillary during the election campaign, accusing her of wanting to start World War 3. Maybe she wants to see the world destroyed by Hillary?

In any case, the voter fraud in Wisconsin is likely to be from the Clintonites.


The election commission in Wisconsin has received a request for a recount of the votes in the state narrowly won by Donald Trump more than two weeks ago.
The request was filed by Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Dr Stein has also pledged to file vote recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

A win by Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin alone would not overturn Mr Trump’s lead – it provides only 10 votes in the crucial electoral college that gave him victory in the 8 November election.

But wins in Wisconsin, Michigan (16 electoral votes) and Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) would have clinched the presidency for the Democrat.

Damn! I thought the roller coaster ride was over.

I’m going to have nightmares every night until we’re sure that the stake has been driven into the heart of the witch.

8 thoughts on “(((Jill Stein))) Gets Her Vote Recount in Wisconsin, a State Narrowly Won by the Donald

  1. Paladin, This is absolute crap and you of all people should know that. This is simply to keep the sheeple on boil, it’s an Alynski tactic, the election has been called Trump is president, to think that she even has a remote chance of overturning the result is preposterous. All of us should stop listening to the media, we know they are liars, why believe a word they say? Forget about (((Stien))) she’s just a scam artist that just got a lot richer thanks to idiot’s that believe they can change history.

  2. I wonder if Soros’s hook nose is in this? A source I know who so far has never been wrong told me to get ready that Trump will be unseated and Hildabeast installed, or Barry Insane Obongo will remains as destroyer in thief until……………………………………………..

  3. Trump should also ensure that the number of deceased voters that voted in the election is ascertained as well as the number of convicted felons and illegal immigrants. Then assure the American people that action would be taken to ensure a clean and fair election in the future.

    He shouldn’t waste the opportunity.

  4. I am a democrate but voted TRUMP. Yes, he is a hot mess!!! Still in all I prefer him rather than pure, unremorseful, evil Hillary.

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