France on the Verge of Total Collapse

Excerpt from the Gatestone Institute

France did not perceive it at the time, but it placed itself in a trap, and the trap is now closing.

France’s Muslim population seems anti-French in terms of Judeo-Christian, Enlightenment values, and pro-French only to the extent that France submits to the demands of Islam. As France’s Muslims are also pro-Palestinian, theoretically there should have been no problem. But France underestimated the effects of the rise of extremist Islam in the Muslim world and beyond.

More and more, French Muslims consider themselves Muslim first. Many claim that the West is at war with Islam; they see France and Israel as part of the West, so they are at war with them both. They see that France is anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian, but they also see that several French politicians maintain ties with Israel, so they likely think that France is not anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian enough.

They see that France tolerates Palestinian terrorism, and seem not to understand why France would fight Islamic terrorism in other places.

To please its Muslims, the French government may believe it has no choice other than to be as pro-Palestinian and as anti-Israel as possible — even though it looks as if this policy is failing badly in the polls.

The French government undoubtedly sees that it cannot prevent what increasingly looks like a looming disaster. This disaster is already taking place.

Perhaps France’s current government is hoping that it might delay the disaster a bit and avoid a civil war. Perhaps, they might hope, the “no go zones” will not explode — at least on their watch.

France today has six million Muslims, 10% of its population, and the percentage is growing. Polls show that one-third of French Muslims want the full application of Islamic sharia law. They also show that the overwhelming majority of French Muslims support jihad, and especially jihad against Israel, a country they would like to see erased from the face of earth.

The leading French Muslim organization, the Union of Islamic Organizations of France, is the French branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement that should be listed as a terrorist organization for its open wishes to overthrow Western governments.

The Muslim Brotherhood is primarily financed by Qatar, a country that invests heavily in France — and that has the comfort of its very own U.S. airbase.

Jews are leaving France in record numbers, and these departures do not stop. Sammy Ghozlan, President of the National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism, repeated for many years that, “It is better to leave than flee.” He was mugged. His car was torched. He left, and now lives in Israel.

The rest of the French population clearly sees the extreme seriousness of what is happening. Some of them are angry and in a state of revolt; others seem resigned to the worst: an Islamist takeover of Europe.

The next French elections will take place in May 2017. French President François Hollande has lost all credibility and has no chance of being reelected. Whoever comes to power will have a difficult task.

The French seem to have lost confidence in Nicolas Sarkozy, so they will probably choose between Marine Le Pen, Alain Juppé or François Fillon.

Marine Le Pen is the candidate of the far-right National Front.

Alain Juppé is the mayor of Bordeaux, and often campaigns in the company of Tareq Oubrou, imam of the city. Until recently, Tareq Oubrou was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Alain Juppé seems to believe that the present disorder will calm down if France fully submits.

François Fillon will probably be the moderate-right candidate. He recently said that “Islamic sectarianism” creates “problems in France.” He also said that if a Palestinian State is not created very soon, Israel will be “the main threat to world peace.”

Either the French will totally submit to their Muslim minority or they will fight and die in the streets to preserve what is left of their country. An ethnic cleansing of Muslims is in order, but it must happen soon or adios France.

8 thoughts on “France on the Verge of Total Collapse

  1. islam = jew-dee-ism part one, the religion of satan and the other original demons and philistines aka palestiniams, the offspring of the demons / j.e.w.s; murder-rape, inc.

  2. The article is Jew spew.
    “They see that France tolerates Palestinian terrorism”
    That is a give away.
    “Polls show that one-third of French Muslims want the full application of Islamic sharia law.’ That means that two thirds of Muslims in France are against sharia law. So how could a minority force such a law in a democracy? Why do the loud mouth Muslims get listened to and not the silent majority?
    The extreme Muslims in France are tools and allies of Israel.
    The article does not mention that girls are forbidden to wear head covering when going to school. Only France had the guts to make such a law, not soft cock USA or Canada or Australia.

    • Well spotted Robert, and completely spot-on. Look for the little belief-triggers and assumed opinions they slip into their writings, and you will always find them. They are without doubt single-issue people.

    • Robert, Gatestone is a Zionist outfit, so there’s a lot of “Jew spew” in their pieces. I think they’re part of the vast Israel lobby that controls American politics. The piece mixes propaganda with some facts.

  3. If the French evil YT’s want to suicide themselves, then forget them. Stand up evil YT and defend your lives or go into the dustbin of history. Blood and Soil. /Heil Victory!

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