Brady Bunch Mom Florence Henderson Dies on Thanksgiving Day at Age 82

The Indiana farm girl left the farm, found stardom, married Jews, and had many affairs. Now, she’s dead.

Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?

Excerpt from the Daily Mail

The Brady Bunch’s Florence Henderson has died late on Thanksgiving Day aged 82.

Henderson, who spent decades in the iconic role as Carol Brady, died surrounded by family and friends, her manager, Kayla Pressman, said in a statement late Thursday.

TV’s favorite sitcom mom, the actress was best known for The Brady Bunch which first aired in 1969 and continued in one form or another right up to the 1990s.

Henderson was known for playing wholesome characters.

But in reality, the actress admitted that she’d had a few ‘friends with benefits’ over the years.

She told The New York Post in February: ‘I may have more than one friend with benefits.’

She continued: ‘It’s very healthy for the heart. I think no matter how old you are – and I am pretty up there in terms of numbers – I think you should do whatever makes you happy.’

If you want to wear long hair or wear that dress, as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anybody else, I say do it,’ the famous TV mom said, adding: ‘If you want to go out and have a romantic, sexy affair, do it.’

Henderson married Ira Bernstein in January 1956, and the couple had four children whom she would fly back to New York from Los Angeles every weekend during Brady Bunch filming to be with.

But she was very candid in her autobiography, Life Is Not A Stage, about her affairs.

She even claimed to have slept with then-New York City Mayor, John Lindsay, who she said gave ms gave her crabs.

After almost 29 years of marriage, Henderson divorced Bernstein in 1985.

Two years later, she married Dr. John George Kappas, a hypnotherapist she met while battling depression in the mid-1980s. He also inspired the actress to take up hypnotherapy and Henderson became a certified hypnotherapist.

The pair remained happily married until Kappas’ death in 2002.


9 thoughts on “Brady Bunch Mom Florence Henderson Dies on Thanksgiving Day at Age 82

  1. Very sad. As a boy I remember watching the Brady Bunch when it came out. I wanted to live in their cool (now dated) house and of course there was Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. I did not like though the white man Afros and hippie clothes they adopted after the first season. The Juden show producers wanted to appeal to the “younger demographic”. God damn Juden ruin everything.

  2. Florence Henderson’s first husband was Jewish. Nothing new. Take Dewey Robinson for instance. Robinson, a Jewish actor married to Lois Wood a gentile.

  3. This is not the first time an elderly lady dancing with an younger man. Take Lorenzo Music (a Hebrew) for instance. He danced with an older woman, Queenie Smith, a woman of half Hebrew origin. Queenie is almost 39 years her junior.

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