THE BLACK ATTACK: Negro Who Yelled “I hate white people,” While Trying to Push Man onto Subway Tracks is Charged with Attempted Murder

No sane white person would live in “diverse, multicultural” New York City unless he was very wealthy and able to escape the dangers of diversity.

New York Daily News

Cops busted a Queens man for trying to push a straphanger onto the subway tracks in Harlem and yelling, “I hate white people!”

Police cuffed Gary Weeks, 51, of Wavecrest for the bizarre attack Monday at 2 p.m. at the 4-5-6 subway station at 125th St. and Lexington Ave., officials said.

The straphanger was waiting for a northbound train when Weeks walked up to him and tried to push him onto the tracks.

The victim got away from Weeks, as other people started pointing and yelling at the attacker to simmer down.

He then began yelling about his hatred for whites.

Once cops closed in and cuffed him, he spit on one officer, police said.

Weeks was charged with attempted murder, aggravated harassment and obstruction of government administration.

4 thoughts on “THE BLACK ATTACK: Negro Who Yelled “I hate white people,” While Trying to Push Man onto Subway Tracks is Charged with Attempted Murder

  1. These people are not your everyday random black person. These people are paid by communist organizations and other groups to do these deeds.

    • Not so sure thats true ; the low IQ african has been so agitated for so long that such behaviour is not uncommon amongst them.

      and WHERE is the hate crime charge?!?!?


  3. “The straphanger was waiting for a northbound train”. This is a derogatory term like wino, bum, panhandler, alko. Why not “commuter”, or “public transport user”? Maybe the guy uses the comfortable seating provided by the wonderful diverse city of New York. Who says he stands on board the train?

    In 1970s UK one guy quietly and easily murdered maybe 20 people over several years by pushing them under London Underground trains from peak hour crowded platforms. Their deaths were all wrongly labeled suicide. Scotland Yard kept the crimes a secret for fear of causing “alarm”. The killer was seen in security footage behind multiple of these “suicides”.

    Never stand at the front of a city crowd, including when waiting to cross the street. Very easy for a looney or an angry Coon to push you under a bus or a train, and get away with it Scot free. Your relatives will be told you were depressed and suicidal due to being an alt-right supporter. . Only a nutjob yells “I hate whites” and fails in such a simple job. Maybe this is some sort of false flag or provocation? Anyone near the platform edge pushed suddenly and very hard from behind in front of a train a few meters away has almost no chance of not falling, unless he is maybe 150 kilos or more. Also crowds like this force each person to stand upright, with feet close together, hands near the sides, maybe clutching a briefcase or handbag also, a very unstable and defenseless position.

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