SHAMELESS! Rosie O’Donnell Goes After Donald Trump’s 10-Year Old Son


Trump is right. O’Donnell is a disgusting pig on the inside and outside.

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell and President-elect Donald Trump have had a notably rocky relationship over the past decade or so. However, O’Donnall seems to be plumbing the depths of poor taste with her latest stunt.

On Tuesday, O’Donnell tweeted out a video which speculated that Trump’s 10-year old son with wife Melanie is on the autism spectrum.

“Barron Trump Autistic?” O’Donnell tweeted. “[I]f so, what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic.”

(Editor’s Note: We’ve decided to provide an image of the tweet rather than an embed so as to not provide a direct link to the video in question.)

The responses to Rosie’s tweet ware swift and brutal:

O’Donnell would later defend her tweet, saying that there’s “no shame at all” in having autism:

I hate to do this, but here goes:

Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up ashamed of myself.

Learn more about autism at Wikipedia.

I’m not sure if autism is a real brain disease, associated with brain damage of some kind, or whether it’s an invented diseased cooked up by the Jewish dominated psychiatric profession and Big Pharma in order to drug children who are painfully shy, but who would otherwise grow out of it. If you check Internet sources, you’ll see there’s a debate about how real autism is.

10 thoughts on “SHAMELESS! Rosie O’Donnell Goes After Donald Trump’s 10-Year Old Son

      • I’ve never taken a “flu shot” either. It has always struck me as curious that, while it takes years and years of testing and clinical trials to bring a new drug to market, a new “shot” for the current pig/bird/hamster/whatever flu can be developed and mass produced practically overnight.

  1. It is real. They’ve found a genetic code for it. My best friend has Asperger Syndrome. Extremely shy kids in public usually function fine at home among loved ones which could be considered a “safe” zone. Autistic kids cannot function properly even in private. Vaccines don’t cause it.

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