Rich and Famous Negro Rapper Sued for Refusing to Pay His Bills


Black celebrities are open to exploitation by Jewish managers since blacks aren’t very good at math, on average. The outcome is that when their fame fades they end up broke and working in a Seven-Eleven cleaning toilets.

Many times, blacks simply do not pay their bills. They are deadbeats. Like Tyga.


The ‘Rack City’ hitmaker was celebrating turning 27 on Friday (11.18.16) – the day before his actual birthday – at Penthouse nightclub in West Hollywood when a man appeared and handed over new legal papers.
According to TMZ, the process server was then forcibly removed from the venue.

It is unclear why Tyga – who is dating Kylie Jenner – has been served, but he has had a string of legal and financial battles over the last year.

In September, it was reported that Tyga’s mother was at risk of getting her Range Rover repossessed after the rapper failed to keep up the $1,000-a-month repayments on the $60,000 Evoque model.

Previously, Tyga’s own Ferrari was seemingly repossessed, while he was also recently the subject of a $200,000 lawsuit filed by jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills due to an allegedly unpaid purchase of a watch and chain in 2013, and has had action taken against him by more than one landlord for unpaid rent.

Tyga’s repayments were due to be settled in debtor’s examination last month, however after just two hours of grilling, the ‘Ayo’ rapper asked for the questioning to end because he felt he was too sick to proceed.

The legal representative for the opposing party explained: “Considering there are a number of documents we asked him to produce that he had not brought with him and the fact that we still have a lot more questions to ask, we have agreed for him to return with the documents on November 1 for the remainder of the examination.”


5 thoughts on “Rich and Famous Negro Rapper Sued for Refusing to Pay His Bills

  1. ” jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills due to an allegedly unpaid purchase of a watch and chain in 2013″.
    Jewelers hand over goods for free and expect payment later? Why not a credit contract with a deposit or even old fashioned pay for it before you take it?
    Rich people are often deadbeats.
    Jewelers and luxury car sellers have some crafty sales techniques. Michael Jackson found out the hard way and I think bankrupted himself buying crap.
    I saw this sales/legal trickery in a film noir movie with Mickey Rooney, made about 1950, called “Quicksand”. He bought a watch with $1 down and then pawned it for $20 or so to take a slut on a date. The next day our dating hero gets process served with a demand for $100 for the watch within 24 hours or he goes to jail. He never understood the fine print in the deal, nor read the contract. he was not allowed to sell the watch until he paid for it in full. So he gets in to more crimes to pay for the watch.
    (((Peter Lorre))) oozes evil and cunning as always and tangles with the unlikable stupid hero Rooney.

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