“Racist of the Week” No Longer Employed After She Made Mean Comments about Obama

Another white person bites the dust after making a truthful, critical comment about the Obamas. June’s comments aren’t even in the least bit racist or even mean. She’s a Trump supporter who was criticizing the wasteful exploitation of the taxpayer by the Obamas.

This insane purging of white people has to stop.


A Regions Bank senior-level employee who was labeled “Racist of the Week” on social media after posting comments on Facebook derogatory of President Obama and his family, some of which alluded to slavery, is no longer with the company, the bank says.

June Pridmore was senior vice president of loan operations since 2008, according to her LinkedIn profile, which has been deleted.

“I voted [Trump] in,” she wrote, in part. “I like him. He has a beautiful wife unlike the ugly and embarrassing woman (for lack of a better word), in the White House now. Ms. Trump’s face would make Michele (sic) O’Bama (sic) a Sunday face.”

“I’m certainly glad [Trump] he has a lot of money because she he (sic) won’t be bought out like Barack (sic), socialist Muslim O’Bama (sic) or his wife or all those host of relatives they have in the whitehouse (sic) for US to support.

“They have sponged the US of money flying to every single location in which they could vacation, taking the Grandmother with them. ….Oh yes, and let us NOT forget they flew the family dog on a SEPARATE plane. If any idiot out there thinks that is justified, you deserved him as president.

“I prefer a man who can buy Michele (sic) and Barack and sell them several times over,” Pridmore wrote.

Not surprisingly, the comments, like the spate of similar racists thought expressed through social media since President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, ignited a social media firestorm.

Regions, headquartered in Birmingham, initially said it launched an investigation and revealed its response today.

Bank spokesperson Jeremy King said: “We appreciate the concerns shared about offensive social media comments that were made through an associate’s personal Facebook account. We want you to know that we share those concerns. Those comments do not reflect our values as a company or the way we do business. The associate is no longer an employee of the company.”

Pridmore’s comments also raised concerns about whether her apparent biases might have influenced any loan approvals. King said the former employee was not in a position where she could approve or deny loans.

On her Facebook page, which has also been deleted, Pridmore said she attended Brookwood High School.

Regions is the nation’s 18th largest bank, with $125 billion in consolidated assets.

Al.com describes these comments as racist. They are not. They are political in nature. There’s no tie in with Obama’s race at all.

The liberal reporter who wrote this drivel is the one who should be fired. If I can find the time, I’m going to see if I can contact the editor at al.com and give them a education on real racism vs. the fake news that this liberal rag produces.

One more thing. Jane may have a civil tort against those who dubbed her “racist of the week.” That’s slander or defamation that caused her to lose her job.

Jane, sue the bastards.


18 thoughts on ““Racist of the Week” No Longer Employed After She Made Mean Comments about Obama

  1. obamanations of desolation only, all such anti-Semites (anti-Whites).

    The lake of fire will help them, forevermore, Amen!!!

    thousands, worldwide, are cast in, every day: [image: Image result for people in hell photos]

  2. What a sad indictment against the current mindset of our country. As you know PJ I literally dissect everything written and agree 333% with you. She was exercising her right to Freedom of Speech which has expanded to include social media. An 18 year career gone and her name vilified across the electronic spectrum merely for stating an opinion is despicable. I hope she fights this. If the Westboro Baptist Church can legally write and speak about the joy of dead soldiers then by God this woman should be able to express her political view without fear of reprisal.

    • It really wasn’t mean what she said. It was political criticism. Nothing racial about it. So sad for the lady who will probably never work again. How are your battles going? I keep falling into long naps these days, which gives me less time to keep up with our struggles to protect animals.

    • Aaahhh…but the Westboro people dont dare criticise the HNIC. Or any other african or jew – just US soldiers, the majority of whom are caucasian. THATS ok. AND, its OK to be rayciss if you be hatin on YT…wassup wich chew girl – dontcha know? [ :p ]

  3. ” labeled “Racist of the Week” on social media after posting comments on Facebook derogatory of any non white parasite…(insert name here), is no longer with the company”

    This is a witch hunt. People that call themselves “liberals” are ironically the witch finder Generals. There are no trials as the historic witches use to get. the judegs and executioners are the accusers, the said liberals.

    Is it true about outrageous nepotism by Bazza with his extended Coon family living at the White House and getting free holidays? Did the family dog get its own separate flight on taxpayer dime? Why has the mainstream (((media))) been so quiet about O’Bumsters theft of public monies? Now his hundreds of millions of cash for paid speeches starts.

  4. This is hilarious. Good news June! Personal accountability is making a comeback. You just got held accountable for being stupid enough to post this foul, ignorant rant on Facebook. How you likin’ it? And you are white…er…right about nothing being free. That includes free speech and now you’re paying for it. Just like you wanted. Happy now?

    I too am sick of paying for non-working takers. Like you.

    Since The Donald will surely cut off food stamps, health care and all other forms of welfare to you lazy bloodsuckers on the Federal reservation (thats good, right? That’s what you want, isn’t it?) you and any kids you might have will likely starve to death. I have a feeling you won’t be missed, frankly, and its too bad abut the kids. But it will serve the important evolutionary purpose of ridding the species of whatever genetic defects caused you to mutate from the human being you were born as into whatever you are now. You won’t mind dying for The Donald will you? You “voted him in,” remember? You “like him.” Keep in mind as you lay on that cot in the homeless shelter considering what your bigotry has cost you, that this is the bed you made.

    Have a nice day!

      • Nick is either a self-hating white or a kike.

        I guess Nick isn’t bothered by niggers going online on Twitter and other memes and calling for whites to die in all sorts of cruel ways.

        These men are not about an ideology or even moral preening. I think many of these anti-white commenters Sab are paid to do this or just flat out mentally ill. There is no talking to them or debating them.

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