MSM Discovers That JEWS Were Doing the “Nazi” Salute at NPI Conference



A photo featuring former reality TV star Tila Tequila doing a Nazi salute with two men finally managed to get her back into the news. It also got her banned from Twitter.

There’s another aspect of the picture, which was taken inside of a restaurant where attendees of a conference sponsored by alt-right activist Richard Spencer had gathered for dinner, which isn’t widely known, however: One of the men in the picture is actually Jewish.

In a video filmed outside of Maggiano’s Little Italy in Washington, one of the men who was pictured making the gesture (also known as the Roman salute) can be seen standing next to another man who says, “We’re Jews and we’re going to see what it’s like.”

Haha. Maggiano’s Little Italy has apologized for the Nazi salute, also known as the Roman salute.

On the issue of the picture above, The Wrap quotes alt=right “Nazi” Andrew Anglin this way:

Since Nazis don’t particularly enjoy Jewish people, some racist bloggers are pissed at National Policy Institute President Richard Spencer, who organized the event.

“I’m not even against throwing up Roman salutes at these conferences, and in fact find it hilarious. What I am against is having a Jew Ratface (and an Asian pornstar) as the face of the face of neo-Nazism,” Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin wrote.

He continued: “If Spencer is now going to be a representative of the neo-Nazi agenda, he needs to tighten-up his ship. The last thing we need is the world believing that neo-Nazis are just a bunch of k—s and g—s…. Spencer needs to issue a blanket ban on the Hebrew people.”

Anglin is always good for a quote that includes a taboo racial term or two. The only problem I have with it is that it probably damages Donald Trump’s ability to govern. If Trump were left out of all this, which he won’t be because of the MSM putting him in the middle of it, I wouldn’t care. In fact, I would be amused at all of this fake liberal outrage and media efforts to blow the story way, way out of proportion.

Think about it. A half dozen people make a so-called Nazi salute and the media has the USA being taken over by the new Mussolini or the new Hitler. It’s insane, folks.

Jew and Twitter superstar Mike Cernovich, formerly self=identified as alt-right, added (via Salon):

Others criticized the salutes as being part of a plot to make the alt-right look more extreme than it is. Twitter troll and author Mike Cernovich, who once self-identified as being alt-right but now no longer does, condemned the salutes as being the work of government officials.

“If you want to defeat a movement, you let it get taken over by people who will do what you tell them to,” Cernovich said on a Periscope video posted yesterday. “Richard Spencer is owned by the media.”

He continued: “There’s a lot of people who are going to go to prison. The government is going to incite people and entrap people into doing all kinds of stuff.”

Someone purporting to be the man in the salute picture posted an anonymous blog entry explaining his actions and apologizing for them to the alt-right.

“As a half-jew posing with an Asian I figured it would be viewed for what it was, a joke,” the essay says. “Personally I do not have any problems with this gesture, as I think it is an inspirational expression of loyalty to, and pride in, our heritage.”

The anonymous blogger continued: “Despite being the product of the selfish act of miscegenation myself, I identify as European. The preservation of our race, our culture, and our way of life is more dear to me than any other part of my life. I lived first-hand through the violence caused by diversity. . . . None of the personal fallout since [the National Policy Institute event] has bothered me on any deep level, even my own Jewish father seeing my face on MSNBC giving the Roman salute caused me little concern. It was not until [vlogger Paul Ramsey who’s nicknamed] Ramzpaul called me a false-flagger that I was truly vexed.”

(The post is reproduced in full at the end of this article in case it is subsequently erased.)

The anonymous blogger is not alone in being a Jewish person making common cause with racist anti-Semites, however. Many leading figures associated with the alt-right are also Jewish themselves including Ramsey, Cernovich, Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos, libertarian vlogger Stefan Molyneux and publishing entrepreneur Ezra Levant.

Salon, a biased, liberal “fake news” website should be called for identifying the alt-right as racist and anti-semitic.

The common element binding together alt-right subscribers with diverse identities and beliefs is the notion that Western Civilization, and thus the white race that created it, is worth preserving. I know alt-right people who love and respect Jews. I know some who don’t. Almost everyone disrespects blacks and Mexicans, not because of their skin color, but because of their dysfunctional cultures and their desire to forcibly impose their will and their cultures on America.

Every other race is allowed by the press to love it’s people, except for this one:

america-as-intended white family

19 thoughts on “MSM Discovers That JEWS Were Doing the “Nazi” Salute at NPI Conference

  1. Tila Whatever is a former porn star, not reality star, but I guess that depends on what you define as “reality” anymore.

  2. Like OMG! I do not, do not, do not, want America to look like the evil YT, blond-haired, blue-eyed, All-American, attractive, clean-cut white family in this post’s photo! The horror!
    “You mean I’m going to stay this color?”–The Jerk.

  3. If any members of the alt-right were to do such a thing,then the idiot left would go ballistic and get them fired from their jobs.

    So what’s the difference ? What does the ethnicity matter ? Just because they are (((elites))) doesn’t make it any different. Get on with it guys. Get them fired.

    • Tila can’t be fired since she doesn’t actually have a job. As to the Jews, who knows. They rarely have jobs either, except working for other Jews who will protect them. Still, I get your point and it’s a good one.

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  5. I agree that they should be charged with hate crimes. Hilarious to legally charge half breeds and Jews as haters.
    Any white giving a Nazi salute is likely to be charged in the Former United Kingdom, the FUK, or France Germany, Austria. And it might be a risky thing to do in Australia. Jews wrote the Hate laws in all Western countries.
    The Communist salute is OK with the (((media.))). Saint Mandela standing with his Jew handlers used to give this salute all the time. This salute represents the intentional murder of 160 million people by their own Communist Governments. Most of Hitlers dead were war causalities, not murdered.

    Any kike or non white or Antifa hoodlum giving a Nazi salute out to be immediately punched down by any right wing person nearby.

  6. If anyone is interested, here is a full statement from the Jew (half-Jew who calls himself European) standing beside Tila, both arm in the air.

    Here are comments made on Radix.

    “It’s not about talking about non-white immigration. It’s about throwing up Nazi salutes like some clueless moron who wants to keep the idea of not screwing over future generations of whites confined to 300 people.

    “They would’ve called us Nazis anyway”. The difference is, if they call us Nazis for pointing out IQ or crime differences, people at least see this information, maybe your average normie will research it further or start to reflect on their own experiences with non-whites. If they call us Nazis for throwing up the Roman salute, that’s the end of it.

    Also, the JQ is still horribly irrelevant, regardless of how accurate it is. You’re putting the cart before the horse. There’s no point of pointing out to people that Jews are responsible for immigration and white dispossession if your average white doesn’t give a rat’s behind about immigration or is ignorant of whites’ impending minority status and the harm it will cause us.

    That said, Richard Spencer didn’t throw up the Roman salute, nor do I think he’s controlled opposition, but the ending of that speech (along with the “Conquer or die” stuff) was horribly stupid. If Spencer has any sense he will disavow and bar those people who did throw up the Roman salute from further conferences.

    If we go the way of the Native American, you can’t only blame Jewish elites. Incompetent Nationalists and you people preaching to the choir are as much to blame.”

    “You’re spot on here. I admire Richard and, for the most part, I liked the speech. But I can’t, for the life of me, understand why he doesn’t take a stand and say, “Look, the Nazi bullshit has to go.” Far from it, he actually seems to encourage it. We all need to start disavowing that crap if we want this movement to be taken seriously and it won’t be if we don’t. The same goes with the obsession with the JQ (although I don’t think Spencer is guilty of that). We should be focused on issues that normies can be easily swayed on like immigration. I’m sorry, but convincing the average American that the Nazis weren’t so bad or that it’s now cool to be anti Semitic is a non starter. The movement’s never going to grow if that stuff doesn’t stop.”

  7. Perfect photo of a typical clean cut traditional American family, probably, English or German, the majority during the 1950’s that Marxists saw as a threat that must be destroyed!

    But, look at them. Hardly the type to aggressively fight off the evil that was to come.

  8. so why havent the jews lost their job – as if they have one – or the porn gook had her site taken down?

    Im not sure that ‘trying to convince the average american that ‘nazis’ arent that bad is necessarily a non-starter. It IS a non starter according to [[[msn]]], and anyone that believes that twaddle is too braindead to reach anyway, but to those who are beginning to wake up to their dispossession, it may not be. As the Bible says ‘Awake awake oh captive daughter…’ Besides, no matter what we do or say – outside of the narrative – [[[they]]] are gonna label us ‘nazis’ or haters or whatever anyway, so why not embrace it? Use it as a middle finger to [[[them]]] and their mindless followers…

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  10. I’m sick of seeing the left give the (((Bolshevik))) salute, invented by the very (((people))) who were responsible for the cruel murder of sixty six million Christian people over a period of abut forty years.

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