Black U.K. Beauty Magazine Accidentally Puts White Model on Cover, Groveling Ensues

Washington Post

Emily Bador is a white woman. She is not, therefore, a black woman. Normally, that wouldn’t be news worth reporting, mostly because it isn’t news.

But her race came into play recently because of the new cover of Blackhair magazine, a British glossy that bills itself as “an international bi-monthly magazine for the style conscious black woman. Packed with 100’s of hair inspirations, fashion, lifestyle and celebrity interviews, we are one of the leading publications for women of colour in Europe.”

The magazine, which generally if not always features black or mixed-race models, used her photograph for the cover of its December/January issue. The editors have admitted they didn’t know she was white.

Prominently on the glossy cover was Bador.

In an Instagram post that has been liked more than 2,000 times, Bador said the photograph was several years old, and she never planned for it to be used on the cover of Blackhair. Furthermore, had she known, she wouldn’t have allowed it.

She stated embarrassment at the photo, which she said was a form of cultural appropriation — which refers to adopting elements of another’s culture, generally to one’s benefit.

I would deeply and sincerely like to apologise to every one for this, and black women especially. I would like to clarify, I believe this shoot is from when I was around 15 and didn't understand cultural appropriation or the impact it has on POC. I was uneducated, which obviously is no excuse, ignorant and immature. Growing up in a very very white city, I had no idea the struggles black women face and how often they were persecuted for their hair. I didn't understand how black women are constantly told their natural hair is inappropriate/unprofessional for the work place, or how young girls are told they can't go to school with natural hair. I didn't understand that shoots like this support the very Eurocentric beauty standard that the mainstream media focus on which reinforce the idea that black features are only ok on white women. I didn't understand that as a white passing woman I'd be praised for this hair, but if I was a black woman I'd be persecuted. I didn't understand cultural appropriation. ✨ I do regret doing this. I hold up my hands, I'm so so so sorry and I'm very sorry this cover was taken away from a black woman. This image is (I think, although I'm not 100% sure) about 3/4 years old, it was never intended to be on the cover of this magazine. If I had known it was going to be published, I would never have condoned it. I'm upset and angry I was never asked by the photographer/hair salon/anyone if this image could be used for the cover Black Hair. ✨ I'm so glad I've educated myself and surrounded my self with people to teach me what is right and wrong. I constantly am learning and becoming more and more informed. It's important to come forward and be honest with ourselves about our past mistakes, otherwise we will never learn. Again, I'm truly, deeply sorry to anyone I've offended and I hope if nothing else this post can educated others so they don't make similar mistakes. (also please let me know if I've said anything wrong or offensive in this post!!! or anything i can add!!!! i love u all sm and the last thing i want to do is offend or hurt any one, i really hope you don't all think im a massive twat 😔)

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Given her age, one can forgive Emily for her groveling to black demands. She seems not to realize that every time a black person uses a car, airplane, or healthcare, they are “culturally appropriating” white culture. Someone should try to wake her up, but her indoctrination may be too deeply ingrained.

More Emily Bador, looking like a white waif exhibiting that typical vapid look that models affect today:

7 thoughts on “Black U.K. Beauty Magazine Accidentally Puts White Model on Cover, Groveling Ensues

    • Ah, that explains it. I thought she looked a bit Negroish to be white. Thanks for doing the research on this. I should have known that the MSM couldn’t be trusted to get it right. WaPo is fake news.

    • Mudbloods avoid categorization easily.

      She’s not white. Therefore, niggers… fight with the mixed races and stop blaming whitey for your failures.

      But this does bring to light the uncomfortable fact that white women’s beauty is unmatched. Or, as VikingBitch would say: the beauty of European women is greater than non-European women.

  1. The terrible crime of Blackface. The bigger crime is the child sexual abuse in this use of images of children to sell adult magazines and products. She says she was 15 when this Blackface shoot was done. Welcome back Rachel Maddow.

  2. Wench is ugly…and looks like a ‘poc’ to me. But so what if she was white? They stick googles skypes and gooks on Vogue, Cosmo, Runway and even friggin Good Housekeeping.

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