Trump Picks A Protestant Woman Promoter of School Vouchers to Lead Dept of Education


It’s too early to say for sure, but a pattern may be emerging in Donald J. Trump’s cabinet picks.

So far, strong, powerful, take no prisoners males have been selected by the Donald to steer the ship of state through the treacherous waters of areas where conflict is expected to be the norm, in both domestic and international relations.

K-12 education is an area where women have always had a key role. The Donald looks to be appealing to Christian women and other concerned parents with his choice for Secretary of Education. Cleaning up the culture that prevails in today’s public schools that are riddled with cultural Marxist and anti-Christian thought is going to be a big job. Apparently, Mike Pence thought that Mrs. DeVos is up to it.

This is a good pick. Trump broadens his appeal to white women, mothers, and Christians. Traditionalists should be happy. However, anyone who was hoping that the Donald would try to eliminate the Department of Education must be disappointed. As a bonus, DeVos has a background in clean energy and in working with “inner cities” (black) improvement and Democrats.

Excerpt from Washington Post

Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that he would nominate Betsy DeVos, a billionaire philanthropist with deep ties to the Christian Reformed community in Michigan, as his education secretary.

DeVos is politically known in Michigan for her push for private school voucher programs, a position that has been controversial within public education circles. But in religious circles, the DeVos name is synonymous with key philanthropic efforts in Christian communities. DeVos, 58, graduated from Calvin College, a Christian Reformed Church school that is named after the famed Protestant reformer John Calvin, where the DeVos name is well-known.

The DeVos family, heirs to the Amway Corp. fortune, are prolific donors in Michigan Republican and religious circles. DeVos is a former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman whose husband unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2006.

[Trump picks billionaire Betsy DeVos, school voucher advocate, as education secretary]

She is daughter of Edgar Prince, the founder of Prince Corp., an automobile parts supplier based in Holland, Mich. While her mother, Elsa, has supported anti-gay marriage efforts in the past, Betsy Devos has not been publicly involved in the same culture war issue and has focused primarily on education.

DeVos has been a member of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, which was formerly led by popular author Rob Bell. Former president of Fuller Seminary Rich Mouw said he served on a committee with her to replace Bell, and he said DeVos is heavily influenced by Abraham Kuyper, a Dutch writer and Calvinist theologian.

“It would be a mistake to put her in the Religious Right camp. That’s not who she is,” Koopman said, noting that Trump has drawn heavily from a business-minded crowd so far.

DeVos did not support Trump’s candidacy, telling the Washington Examiner in March that he “does not represent the Republican Party.” Her family foundation has donated between $10,000-$25,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to an analysis by The Washington Post.

DeVos is like a mix between the philanthropic efforts of Melinda Gates and the business-mindedness of Mitt Romney, said Shirley Hoogstra, president of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, an umbrella for Christian schools.

It’s unclear whether DeVos will fit in Trump’s other cabinet choice likes incoming White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

“I don’t think whether you like people is relevant at the Cabinet level. It’s not like you’re at the PTA,” Hoogstra said. “I think that Betsy DeVos will bring her best intelligence and judgment and she will speak truth to power.”

Her policy positions on school vouchers appear to be motivated by her Christian faith. When her children were school-age, she visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids. She told the Philanthropy Roundtable that parents “were doing everything in their power to have their kids in an environment that was safe, where they were learning, and where the atmosphere was just electric with curiosity, with love for one another.” DeVos and her husband began supporting individual students, and that “grew into a larger commitment.”

Her appointment was met Wednesday with concern from Rabbi Jack Moline, president of Interfaith Alliance, said her support for vouchers raise church-state concerns.

“Americans are always free to send their children to private schools and religious schools, but raiding the public treasury to subsidize private businesses and religious organizations runs against the public trust and the Constitution,” Moline said. “It suggests that he has little regard for our nation’s public schools or the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.”


Hmmm. Leave it to a Jew to drop a turd in the milk pail. Basically, the good Rabbi is saying that he doesn’t want to see an iota of traditional Christian morality imparted to today’s youth who are often forced by economic circumstances to attend public schools.

Learn more about Betsy DeVos at Wikipedia.

6 thoughts on “Trump Picks A Protestant Woman Promoter of School Vouchers to Lead Dept of Education

  1. I know nothing about DeVos other than she’s against Common Core and for charter schools. Allowing students to attend their school of choice brings a multitude of problems to our cause. No all White schools for our kids.

    I’m not happy with Carson in the HUD position. Remember, HUD has been forcing low income housing on White neighborhoods. Will Carson do the same? I think it’s a good possibility.

    Then, there’s Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the UN. Good grief, she was against Trump. What is he thinking? Throwing bones to appease those who hated him? The “Never Trumps.” Oh, of course, he has to include women and minorities, here he kills two birds with one stone since she’s Indian. The only consolation is Trump might abandon the U.N. but I don’t think so. On some things, I think he’s doing a 180 on what he promised during the campaign. And…Romney as Secretary of State? What he did is unforgivable.

    • In my latest post I argue that Haley is a good pick. Romney would be a disaster as Secretary of State. I think Trump is playing him.

      As to Ben Carson, in my view, he’s incompetent but a real sop to placate the black community. It might be good to have an incompetent in that position. Remember, Trump says he wants to rebuild the inner cities. There’s not enough money to do that and to disperse blacks into white neighborhoods. Let Ben focus on rebuilding the inner cities.

      • What? Rebuild the inner cities? Have you lived in a city that has gone thru urban renewal Paladin? Nope, did not think so.

        Ben Chili Bowl Carson is a carpetbagger. He will simply play the inner city blacks and give them section 8 and school choice vouchers to go raise hell in the burbs where all the middle class regular people live. He will ebuild the inner cities, the glamour cores, for those who can afford to live and work there, but no one will be able to raise large white families there. I lived in a city that went thru ‘renewal’. It is too expensive now and the black violence is as bad as ever it is just covered up or the ruffians commit crimes on the fly taking public transpo. Sure there are jobs, but what the eff does that mean when you cannot pay your rent. Trust and believe there will be comanches around causing havoc and they will do it on your dime because they will live in mixed income developments where everyone sings kumbaya while breaking and entering.

        Fuck make the Kwa great again. Ain’t happening. And you dumb tards were against Hillary. Again, let us hear it for the Everyday Kwan “white” male who would rather have Juice or Blaques in office over a “white” Witch.

        Luv it man. I will sit back and laugh now

      • I had the radio nooze on this morning; one topic being Trump’s cabinet selections. Yes Mittens would be a terrible Secretary of State. The news talking head was pushing to have Donald give it to Rudy Guliani,

        As far as Ben Cason goes, after he well deserved goodification of Trayvon Martin, Carson spoke out in defense of all the innocent dindu nuffins killed by devil worshiping white cops. He also said he is a supporter of BlackLiesFecalMatter (a george soros created and funded domestic terrorist organization)

        I wonder if Donald was given his marching orders when he met with Barry the crack smoking butt pirate muzzie. Maybe 500 of the world elite puppet masters were in attendance at the meeting handing Trump his marching orders at gun point. I agree with a few people (also Trump supporters) I talked with who said he looked like a man who had seen a ghost or was given a death sentence after the meeting.

      • They say he was told about the aliens. Unconfirmed. Or that scientists have spotted an asteroid that is going to destroy the earth very soon. No way to stop it. Also unconfirmed.

        As to Carson, I forgot about his defense of thugs. As long as Trump gives him a job with no real power and/or he’s forced to obey Trump, I don’t care that much. Token Negro administrators were the norm at the university. They put them where they couldn’t do much damage.

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