Students at Christian Texas University Expelled after Girl Poses in Blackface for Snapchat video

Darkie worship is writ large at Abilene Christian University today.

The photo above got the girl and others expelled from school.

Are blacks really damaged by photos like that one? Of course not.

It’s all an exercise in political power. It’s designed to show whitey who’s the new boss in town.

And libtards wonder why the alt-right is rising. We’re going to destroy political correctness no matter how long it takes.

The Sun

A CHRISTIAN university in Texas expelled multiple students after shocking footage emerged of a girl posing in blackface.

The video was uploaded to Snapchat on Monday morning with the caption: “This is why black lives matter.”

It shows an unidentified female student from Abilene Christian University (ACU) with her face covered in black make-up.

She says “I’m a strong black woman” before putting on a pair of oversized costume lips, as several people are heard laughing in the background.

University President Phil Schubert was notified of the video Monday afternoon and immediately summoned the students involved.

The footage was posted online and soon drew an enraged response on social media.

A black ACU student reposted the video on Twitter and wrote: “These are the people we go to school with.”

Others were equally disgusted, with one student writing: “I really can’t believe someone did this … at our ‘Christian university’. Who would have thought.”

“I want this person off of my campus”, another student commented.

Faced with this vitriol, officials at the university decided to expel the students.

President Schubert wrote: “They are no longer students at ACU. I cannot emphasise strongly enough that this kind of hurtful behaviour has no place on our campus or on behalf of ACU.

He apologised for the “inaccurate representation” it gave of the West Texas college and stressed how much they value diversity.

In an email to the Daily News, Schubert said school officials will “make sure the campus is aware of how to report harassment” and vowed to prove “healthy opportunities to discuss these matters as a community.”

This old postcard exemplifies the rights our ancestors have that we have lost. Screw Abilene Christine University. At least some of us should give the president a piece of our minds.

Black Lives Matter is a racist, terrorist organization that advocates the murder of police. ACU stands with BLM. Thus, ACU stands for the murder of police.

funny darkie post card

7 thoughts on “Students at Christian Texas University Expelled after Girl Poses in Blackface for Snapchat video

  1. Yiddish is the only dialect spoken, virtually, everywhere. The Original Hebrew (Pure White) derived Languages have been genocided as have Our Pure White People, “save for a Remnant”.

    “female” in this photo is a yellow (mongoloid) j.e.w., clearly.

    “all liars are consigned to the fiery lake of burning Sulphur, forever…

  2. This insanity must stop. Wheres the First Amendment? Wheres our God given right to opinion? Every single time some little snowflake is ‘offended’ , [[[they]]] demand expulsion, firing or whatever. THEY offend me – so who do I demand THEIR expulsion to?!?!?
    and these morons who cry ‘this is so unChristian… first, they are wrong, and secondly, these are the same pukes always [incorrectly applying / interpreting part of a verse] saying ‘dont judge!’. Well buttercup, how about YOU not judging?!?!?

    Regrettably, I can completely understand peoples rejection of ‘Christianity’ given the incorrect version[s] constantly shoved down their throats and looking at most of the adherents of ‘judeoChristianity. [what an oxymoron!] I weep for my – and Gods – people. As the Word says, ‘My people are destroyed for a lack of understanding.’

  3. You’re an idiot. No, I shouldn’t say that. It’s just that your utter ignorance infuriates me. But then, not even your lack of intelligence, understanding and ethics is fully your fault. You apparently were cheated out of being raised by decent parents.

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