South African Pastor Investigated for Spraying His Followers in the Face with INSECTICIDE

The question is what do you do with creatures this unintelligent.

Excerpt from the BBC

A South Africa pastor who sprays his congregation with insecticide has been widely condemned.

In a Facebook post, self-proclaimed prophet Lethebo Rabalago claims a pesticide called Doom can heal people.

The company that produces Doom warned of the risks of spraying the substance, while a government commission urged anyone affected to lodge complaints.

But the pastor has defended his actions, telling the BBC he is using unconventional methods to heal people.

The country has seen a wave of practices where church members have been subjected to unorthodox rituals to receive healing.

In photos circulating on Facebook and Twitter, Mr Rabalago, who runs the Mount Zion General Assembly in the Limpopo province, is seen spraying the insecticide directly into the eyes and various body parts of his congregants.

He told the BBC’s Nomsa Maseko in Johannesburg that he had sprayed the face of one woman because she had an eye infection and claimed the woman was “just fine because she believed in the power of God”.
He also claims the spray can heal cancer and HIV.

“Doom is just a name, but when you speak to it to become a healing product, it does. People get healed and delivered through doom,” a post on the church’s Facebook account reads.

Testimonies of people who have supposedly been healed by Doom have also been posted on the Facebook page.

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5 thoughts on “South African Pastor Investigated for Spraying His Followers in the Face with INSECTICIDE

  1. Christ said correctly that we Righteous have prepared-built the lake of fire just for these devils—all of them–and that the fire is eternal (Matthew 25:41).

    Matthew 25:34 is only for Pure 100% White People, et al Gen 12:3A’ers, The Lone Righteous (white, that is, Not evil dark wickedness).

    Any which are Not doing only Gen 12:3A, in thought, word, and deed, are Rev 14:11, forever, as they have all chosen, Amen.

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  3. Doom is a blind idiot. He needs to repent of doing that or be kept away from people. People are animals. They will respond to poison in the same way an insect responds to poison. Jesus put clay on the eyes of a blind man telling him to wash it off in the pool of Siloam. That clay was not poison.

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