Pure Genius: Trump Shuttles Dothead Adulteress Nikki Haley Off to the UN

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President-elect Donald J. Trump has selected a brown skinned Asian Indian to be his Ambassador to the United Nations. Her background includes allegations of adultery.

Nikki Haley, the Republican governor of the great southern state of South Carolina, was not a Trump supporter during the election campaign, siding with fellow nonwhite Marco Rubio. She’s touted as the nonwhite future of the Republican party.

As far as White Nationalists and traditionalists are concerned, she showed her true colors when she banned the Confederate flag in South Carolina. In this post from June I covered the story of how Haley compared the Don to mass murderer Dylan Roof.

Trump made an excellent move in naming her UN Ambassador. It’s really a who cares type of job. No one I know gives two shakes of a lamb’s tail about the UN. It’s a corrupt waste of money. It’s a vipers nest of back stabbing and ridiculous political correctness too.

Getting Haley off the domestic political stage and putting her in a symbolic position with no real power is great. The Lieutenant Governor becomes the Governor now. He was a strong Trump supporter.

Donald Trump just killed two birds with one stone.

Washington Post

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s journey to the United Nations has struck members of both parties as unlikely: the appointment of a Republican with limited foreign policy experience to a Cabinet-level post.

But through the prism of a career bursting with political diplomacy and ambition, it is a natural next step.

Haley, 44, who President-elect Donald Trump announced Wednesday as his nominee for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, has long shuttled between her party’s mainstream and its conservative base, maintaining ties to each wing even as she resists being labeled as “tea party” or “establishment.”

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And the daughter of Indian immigrants has consistently asserted herself as a voice for both the Republican future and its past traditions.

These contradictory signals and blended alliances have made her an ascendant force as well as occasionally inscrutable. She is at once a favorite of the business elite and Mitt Romney and a populist-sounding, Sarah Palin-endorsed Southern executive.

Haley’s ability to translate those relationship skills and savvy to the U.N. will almost certainly be crucial in her success — or failure — in navigating the swirling spheres of influence at Turtle Bay.

Not only will she need to explain Trump and his brash foreign policy to the world, but she will be tasked with keeping her place within the president-elect’s at times chaotic orbit and within a Republican Party that has cracks across it.

Such a job demands studied knowledge of global politics and statecraft. It also demands nuance and steadiness amid tumult and criticism, which is where Haley’s experience is telling.

I don’t think Haley is up to the job. Hopefully, by appointing her to the UN, the genius of Donald J. Trump will lead to her having to leave politics as a failure.

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20 thoughts on “Pure Genius: Trump Shuttles Dothead Adulteress Nikki Haley Off to the UN

  1. Well, maybe he does have an ulterior motive for sending her to the U.N., but personally, I think he is intentionally choosing some to increase his likability in the establishment. Why reward those who hate him?

    Why else would he consider Romney as Secretary of State when he said he was going to “Drain the Swamp.” Even Huckabee and Gingrich say Romney is a very bad choice.

    • By draining the swamp he means getting rid of Blue Dog Democrats…old timer “white guys” who are old school democrats that supported Reagan and worked with Slick Willy, the Most Republican Democrat.

      Trump means “to drain the swamp” of REAL Americans…you know, “white” peope who put America first.

      Make America great again? You know what that means to Plantation Whites like Trump? It means making The Working White people on par with the Nogs. Ben Chili Bowl Carson is just a Carpet Bagger.

      That WASP he hired? School choice? You know what that means? Watch for more Jeromes, Tyrones, et al get freebies to go to Kwatholic Schools on your dime to be edumacated. Oh and other private schools too because guess what? THERE ARE NO PRIVATE SCHOOLS in the true sense of the word in the Kwa anymore.

      Online schooling and homeschooling will be the only way to go to avoid the Tyrones. But Ben Chili Bowl Carson will make sure you have a Jerome living next door to push your daughter off her tricycle.

      Working White People are so dumb. Want results? Go trash the polling centers so there are NO results for months….jam everything up….go AWOL like some crazy azzzzz cop did…..oh yeah, Hillary won the popular vote…..

      • Let me put this out there….say what you want about Hillary, but she made sure her enemies were not around to cause havoc. Have to give that to her as she believed in scorched earth. Not Trump though. Nope. But then again, the Repukes played the dumb Kwan dudes again by pretending not to like Trump, when really they were for him all along.

      • His Thanksgiving message (See link below) talks about “mending fences.” Is this the reason for Nikki Haley and Romney? Wants to mend fences…not that they are the best for those positions! Is that what he was trying to do with the media? Mend fences? Ha! As reported by someone in attendance, they walked out of that meeting saying, “F*ck You!”

        “It means making The Working White people on par with the Nogs.”

        He says we will be “one nation.” One big happy family, huh? We have no intention of being “one” with non-Whites. He talks about making “especially inner cities,” great again, blacks…something that “bothered him for many years.” We thought he was just pandering to get black votes. Not so, once again billions poured into black slums, only to become slums again in the future.

        He disavows White Nationalists without even looking into our concerns. That has been extremely irritating! Does White genocide and declining numbers bother him at all or doesn’t he notice?


  2. I know I always disagree….BUT……

    I .don’t think it matters who Trump puts in certain positions. Like ambassador to the UN or secretary of state. My guess is Trump will look to shore up certain long term but damaged alliances like the UK; pull back from military adventures while letting Russia and Putin play world policexamples so he can focus on trade

    If that is so, Romney is probably a good just. Same with the last jib-jib. Let’s him play nice with the GOP establishment in areas that don’t matter so he can use their support etc on more important issues.

    Sessions as AG is a pretty damn strong move, especially for his immigration promises

      • Same with that jib-jib hatchet wound

        In war you focus your resources were they count the most. I don’t see the UN or State Department counting for much to Trump.

        We shall see but mature men should be coldy rational, patient and crafty.

    • First step in making the UN pay its won way? Sure, I’m reaching. Come back after Trump’s first 100 days and we’ll see. If only part of the agenda is implemented, it’ll be the best thing we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

  3. He should appoint older right wing white men (not kikes) to all positions, 100%, unless there is a sightly younger white man highly qualified. Except any title that has the word woman or womens in it, or black, native american etc.
    Trump can not replace everybody, so the only way to balance things is to reverse the decades of diversification with a equal bias. This is essential or all his plans are doomed.
    Just for a gag, Trump could appoint very young white men to the Supreme Court, where they might live for say 50 years more as a Supremacist law making judges of the USA, to confront and outweigh the 4 lefty Jews now wreaking havoc.
    And the leader of the Fed must not be a Jew.

  4. What I see in these parts of the interwebz is a lot of folks desire ideological pure leadership and actions

    Feels all warm and fuzzy but rarely gets results. With no undue offense intended, I see that sort of thing as childish, magical thinking.

    Trump is a good 1st step toward Whites acting in their own racial/ tribal best interests.,Nothing more, expecting more doesn’t seem to fit the tactical reality on the ground.let’s not aim for the 300 meter targets until after we drop the 50 meter target

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