France Before and After (Photo Comparison)

African vermin! Expel the invaders.

2 thoughts on “France Before and After (Photo Comparison)

  1. Another USA export industry, with a negative value. Urban Coon “culture” such as vandalising public monuments with spray paint “tags”. This low life activity is also popular with young whites are various types of half breeds.
    I do not know why sales of portable spray paint cans are not restricted in the West, or include tax which which covers the cost of clean up and jailing vermin. Most graffiti scum prefer to steal the spray cans anyway.

    • I equate their behavior to be like that of dogs lifting their legs and pissing against trees and fire hydrants to mark territory. The jew media has been successful in dragging white youth down to primitive jungle savage levels.

      IN some circles jew art critics praise the efforts of these semi human taggers as cutting edge art. 😦

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