Donald Trump’s ‘alt-right’ supporters express dismay at disavowal

Expecting the Donald to put his stamp of approval on what the press are saying are “Nazis” is unrealistic. If the Donald lives up to his promises to seal the border and reduce immigration, then we’re with him.

A good sounding board is Ann Coulter. If she turns on Trump, then he’s betrayed us. Until then, he’s playing a masterful game of trying to appear presidential.

The Guardian

President-elect Donald Trump’s disavowal of Richard Spencer and his far-right thinktank the National Policy Institute, a day after video of Spencer’s supporters giving the Nazi salute at an event in Washington DC surfaced, has dismayed some of his supporters on the “alt-right”.

“This constant virtue signaling needs to finally end, otherwise our civilization will simply collapse,” a commenter wrote underneath the article of Trump’s disavowal on right-wing news site Breitbart.

People in the myriad “alt-right” communities that have flourished online in recent years are also expressing their displeasure that Trump appears to have abandoned the most extreme of his policies – at least for now – such as building a wall and prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

They also objected to his visiting of the New York Times for an on-the-record meeting on Tuesday, at which Trump described the news organization as a “world jewel”.

On /pol/, the political discussion board of the anonymous message-board 4chan, one poster wrote: “Already reneging on his word before he even takes office?! People will remember that.”

A post on Reddit’s r/altright board, one of the movement’s home bases, linked to Trump’s disavowal at the New York Times meeting and asked: “Anyone here feeling bamboozled by the Donald?” Dozens of commenters responded.

“You are fooled if you think Trump was going to give us some sort of permission slip to start cleansing America. He isn’t our ‘man on a white horse’,” on said.

Another wrote: “Trump can’t be non-negative on the alt-right. We support him because he agrees with us on important policy goals, not because he flatters us.”

Over on 4chan’s /pol/, fierce discussion was raging on the issue of how to deal with Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi event. Many thought that Trump was right to disavow him.

Another wrote: “The leaders of the Alt-Right no longer look like attractive, young, rebellious counter-culture intellectuals, but now they look like fat, dumb racists.”

Opinion on the board was split, with many saying that the entire debacle was a “false flag” operation cooked up to discredit their movement, and others – a small minority – calling for the board to rally in support of Spencer.

On Reddit’s r/The_Donald board, one of the most popular pro-Trump corners of the internet, supporters urged patience in the face of signs discouraging to the “alt-right”, like the rumors that Mitt Romney was the frontrunner for secretary of state.

One post urged people to “stay fucking calm” until the appointment of Romney – who is a reviled figure amongst the “alt-right” – was reported by Breitbart.


There, there, it’s going to be alright. America and the world don’t have to listen to Hillary’s screaming for the next four (or eight) years. Say, “Thank you, President Trump.”

11 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s ‘alt-right’ supporters express dismay at disavowal

  1. Man I absolutely love these young people and their 0fg enthusiastic attitudes! Hope for betters days

    Sadly that is also their weak spot, but fuck it. I was young and dumb once upon a time. Like up until last Tuesday

  2. -Nazi = satan and other similar Ashke-nazi devils aka j.e.w.s. (just eternally wickeds.

    Nation Socialism = Golden Rule Keeping; Christ’s own teaching.

    all which state otherwise: (i.e. “all liars Rev 21:8)

    • Nazi is a propaganda term coined by churchills handlers FOR National Socialists. No NS during the 30s and 40s ever used it. It IS ironic that ‘ashkenazi’ jews have the term in their name ; sorta like the fact that only some 2 to 4 % of modern jews have some Adamic blood in them, but their lineage is from Ham, not Shem [i.e. they are not ‘Semitic’] – God has a sense of humour…

  3. “Trump appears to have abandoned the most extreme of his policies – at least for now – such as building a wall and prosecuting Hillary Clinton.”
    Since when is enforcing laws extreme?

    Who is Richard Spender and his group? Many American swastika brandishing Nazis of the past have existed just to damage the right wing of politics, and they have often been led by Jews. How did Jews so easily infiltrate this “far right” event? How many members of Richards group are left wing Jews? How did people there not realise that praising Trump and saying “Hail Trump” and raising the right arm would harm their own case and push Trump towards the left? Well done Richard you have grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory but you got on national TV which may have been important to you. Most of the supporters did not raise their right arm but it was the signal the Jews in the audience were waiting for. How did the Jew infiltrators know in advance he was going to stupidly say “Hail Trump”?

    Surely after winning the election the wise thing to to is not to make Trump look like Hitler yet this is exactly what his so called ally Spencer has done, His words were needlessly provocateur. As I said, his side won so why bait the enemy now? Goebbels did not do this until years after Hitler took power. The (((enemy))) and their goy alllies still hold 99% of the power in the USA and maybe Richard Spencer is one of them, like Alex Jones.

  4. trump has abandoned us. Not even in office yet and his tune is changing on two of the biggest issues that helped elect him. Regrettably, I fear I was right when I opined at the beginning of this that he is just a tool. Too many jews in his inner circle, and the effect is already being seen. Terribly disappointing.
    Yes, he beats killary if for no other reason that we get to see Melania as opposed to bill and, really , most ANYTHING is better than the hildebeast. But still, I cant see TOO much in the way of real progress here, unless the alt right, and ‘nazis’ and all those other deplorables continue to grow and continue to mount pressure ; trump is pragmatic, and should ‘our’ side mount a large enough offensive, he will turn to the right. Otherwise, I fear just more of the same with a slight slowdown in the alien invasion, a little better business climate and some short term relief in the never ending assault on our inalienable and God given rights like bearing of arms. Guess I oughta be happy for any gains tho, huh?

  5. Oh…btw. I just saw that trump nominated that leftist dothead nicki haley [however its spelled] to a major position ; I think it was un ambassador. Yep, the betrayal goes marching on…

  6. I hate to say this but the everyday “White Working Class” is comprised of morons. Trump just put some dark meat in his cabinet….Haley (Gupta Girl) and Carson (as is Ben’s Chili Bowl). Do you really think he is going to keep his promises of making the carcass known as the Kwa “The Great White Country” again? Good luck with that.

    Better the devil you know and everyone knew Hillary was a crook, but aren’t they all? And Trump was not being merciful to Hillary, he was covering his azzzzzz.

    NPI, puh-lease. Paid in the flesh trolls to puppet the extreme views that really are present in Present Day Kwa and then paid to look stupid and make the minorities feel better that they will in fact be safe here Kwasitan and that no gestapo will come and get ’em.

    Get lean and go gangsta and stop wasting your time patronizing people who don’t give a fuck about you.

    All these ankle-biters wanting Trump to win and go after Hillary. So filled with venom that you fail to see that THEY are against the multitude of US.

    Working White Class = mirrors for The Narcissistic Elite

  7. I too would like Trumpus Maximus to be able to wave a magic wand and make all things right with the world, but that is not reality. My expectation was that if the Glorious Leader could deliver on only 10% of what he proposed then that 10% would be 100% more than any of the other losers would/could have accomplished. With the Trumpenfuhrer we will be much further along and in better shape than without him. The God Emperor is like the ancient Romans. The reason that they conquered the known world was that they were practical above all things. They assimilated and utilized ideas, concepts, tactics, techniques, and procedures from their vanquished foes if those utilities were found to be advantageous and useful. They allowed their conquered peoples to keep their customs and practice their religions, again a practical concession to further the Pax Romana. That is my two denarii. Give the Pax Trumpana a chance. All /Heil Trumpus Maximus!

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