Rudy the Rooster Captured, But Will Stay in Touch with Fans via Facebook

Haha. Rudy the elusive Rooster has had two stories on him in the prestigious Wall Street Journal. That’s two more stories than most humans have, but Rudy was one smart bird.

Wall Street Journal

Rudy, Pittsburgh’s outlaw rooster, was apprehended Sunday after a 24-hour chase by chicken rescuer Frank Cantone and his two daughters.

Roosters are prohibited by city code. Rudy, who also goes by Wily, had evaded capture by animal control experts, among others, and nearly did this weekend as well. Mr. Cantone drove 600 miles from St. Louis to capture the rooster who had been waking residents at 2 a.m. He and Rudy were the subject of a Nov. 18 article in The Wall Street Journal.

Shortly after Mr. Cantone and his daughters Lindsey, 12, and Felicity, 10, arrived late Saturday afternoon, Rudy took off and settled on a tree branch about 100 feet off the ground, far above the reach of Mr. Cantone’s step ladder. The local fire department, which had earlier offered to assist, was called out on a house fire and was unavailable.

Rudy spent the night in the tree, and was gone by the time Mr. Cantone and his daughters arrived the next morning. They spent several hours walking through the neighborhood, armed with chicken feed and a borrowed hen, talking with nearby residents, who reported seeing Rudy at 8 a.m. Mr. Cantone was considering leaving and returning on another weekend, when they decided to conduct one last search.

They spotted Rudy several streets over, pursued him over a three or four block area and through several yards before flushing him out of a bush and cornering him in a fenced yard. An exhausted Rudy was apprehended by a gloved Mr. Cantone. The rooster, Mr. Cantone and his two daughters left Pittsburgh on Monday morning en route to St. Louis, where he will join five hens at the Cantone house.

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