Leftists Fascinated with Assassinating Trump on Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination

Most social justice warriors of college age are unhinged lunatics.

The press is fascinated by the “assassinate Trump” movement in hopes that one of those SJWs will kill Trump. The press will then blame Trump for his own death, claiming it was inevitable because of his “divisiveness.”

Excerpt from Vdare

Alert the CDC: Left-wing America has been overcome by another contagious epidemic of assassination fascination. It’s time to declare a public health crisis.

In San Antonio last week, two high school students performed a sicko skit depicting the assassination of President-elect Donald Trump.

In Cleveland, unhinged 24-year-old Zachary Benson tweeted his “life goal is to assassinate Trump.” The hashtag #AssassinateTrump surfaced on Twitter, along with a flood of bloodthirsty death wishes.

aleamaAnother #AssassinateTrump threat came from Atlanta public transit employee Aleama Philips, who tweeted, “I wish I had the balls to kill him myself,” illustrated with a photo of Trump dead and riddled with bullets. She was fired by the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority last week.

In San Diego, the loony (and now former) CEO of cybersecurity firm PacketSled, Matt Harrigan, took to Facebook on election night to declare: “I’m going to kill the president.” He further threatened that he was “getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you, [expletive]. I’ll find you.”

In the music world,Rick Ross vowed to “assassinate Trump like I’m (George) Zimmerman.”

Inevitably, the Kill Trump mania has spread overseas. French radio host Pablo Mira reportedly gloated: “Donald Trump and his victory have given a hope in the American people—the hope that he would be killed even before his inauguration.”

Where is your condemnation of these perverted incitements to violence, President Obama?

Michelle Malkin, the author of this vdare piece knows the answer to her question. Obama said he would never see Trump in the White House as POTUS.

Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, apparently wants to see Trump dead, but doesn’t want to give Trump’s admirers a voice on his platform.

Jack is an accessory after the fact to death threats. Has the Secret Service visited him yet? They should.

For the edification of would-be assassins, Trump has stated that he carries a gun.


12 thoughts on “Leftists Fascinated with Assassinating Trump on Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination

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  2. Muslims are like the people who God wanted to be dead, People are beyond cray to want people here that God wanted to be dead. Their book says Cannibalism is OK. Their book say lying is OK teaching them how to lie in three ways. Why want cannibalistic murdering liars here? Why want Muslims here worshiping Jesus who is the Lord God with their lips having their heats far from them?

  3. Tell me Paladin?? As a Australian & knowing some American laws ?? Isn’t threatening the killing of an US President a Federal Felony to be investigated by the Secret Service & FBI & then punish by the law of the land ??
    If I’m correct, what the fuck the Secret Service & FBI doing ???? Methink that Trump will have to issue a lot of pink slips after Jan 20th ??

    • Precisely correct Mr Reynard. Plus, its a ‘hate crime’ and all other sorts of PC gibberish. But its ok…Trump is white, male, and at least says he’s somewhat conservative…
      WHERE id the $%^in fbi, doj, $plc etc etc ad nauseum?!?!?

  4. Try to imagine what would happen if some looney libtard actually got close enough and tried to assassinate President Trump and instead the President drew his own pistol and dropped the SOB.

  5. Unlike Obama’s Secret Service freak show, the SS under the God Emperor will purge itself of Obama’s AA miscreants and will be on top of its game like never before.

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