Breaking: Hillary Escapes Justice as Trump Breaks Promise to Jail the Witch

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We’re all going to need time to wrap our heads around this one, ladies and gentlemen. Although Trump may have backed down, I presume that the Congressional inquiry will continue.

Did someone threaten to kill Trump’s family if he pursued Hillary? It’s very much within the realm of possibility.

Let’s hope that the press has it wrong or that Trump is persuaded to change his mind.

New York Post

President-elect Donald Trump won’t subject Hillary Clinton to a criminal inquiry — instead, he’ll help her heal, his spokeswoman said Tuesday.

“I think when the president-elect who’s also the head of your party … tells you before he’s even inaugurated he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone and content, to the members,” Kellyanne Conway told the hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” who first reported that the president-elect would not pursue his campaign pledge to “lock up” Clinton, his Democratic opponent.

“Look, I think, he’s thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the president of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign are not among them,” Conway, who is now on the Trump transition team, said in her interview.

She continued: “I think Hillary Clinton still has to face the fact that a majority of Americans don’t find her to be honest or trustworthy, but if Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing.”

At the second presidential debate in October, Trump sounded a much harsher tone.

“If I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception,” he vowed.


31 thoughts on “Breaking: Hillary Escapes Justice as Trump Breaks Promise to Jail the Witch

  1. I like to think that the Glorious Leader is somewhat like God. God works in mysterious and wondrous ways beyond our comprehension and not always to our liking or desires. Although personally I would like to see her curb-stomped.

  2. C’mon guys, don’t tell me any of you thought he’d actually do this? This type of thing take a Putin type, not a business man/accidental president type. If he can get the economy going that’ll be about the best he can do.

  3. See? He’s already back pedaled on most of his campaign promises. I told you this would happen. Thumper is nothing but a jew suck ass ball licker.

    verb (used with object)
    to pass the tongue over the surface of, as to moisten, taste, or eat (often followed by up, off, from, etc.):
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  4. As disappointing as this seems to be, let’s not give up on him yet.

    First, by saying he doesn’t intend to prosecute, he reduces the chances that Obama will proactively pardon Clinton as a last middle finger to the country on his way out. Think longer term strategy; he can always change his mind once he’s in Office.

    Second, he spoke specifically about the email server which, tbh, most people just don’t care that much about. There are other evils swirling around her and her staff that, if proven, would guarantee even her most ardent supporters would light the pyre to burn her at the stake.

    I’m hoping Mr. Trump is just using a little misdirection to cool the anti-Trump flames of the left long enough for him to get into Office without interference and mischief and start proceeding against her.

  5. >>Did someone threaten to kill Trump’s family if he pursued Hillary? It’s very >>much within the realm of possibility.

    I would hazard a guess that you can bank on the possibility that Donald was given stern promises of death to him and his family, by the satan worshipping, baby buggering pizza with extra cheese globalist elite.

    Before Donald won the election barry made an off the cuff comment and promise that as long as I (Obama) am alive Trump will NEVER see the inside of the White House as POTUS

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  7. Trump has the intel. He knows that Hillary is going to die soon. He gave us the hint about allowing her to heal. He knows things we don’t know.

    That is what I’ve concluded after thinking about the issue for a few hours. He is showing a vanquished opponent mercy.

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  9. While not joyous news let’s be practical

    Trump will need to be seen as uniting the country, or trying to for his re-election bid. His election 1st and foremost rest on an improved job market for middle class/ working class Whites. #2 is immigration… uniting the nation (`utter bullshit) will be in the top 5.

    We also have no real idea of the evidence against her. A protracted legal battle will motivate the left, right now the left is demoralized, leader-less and disorganized. It’s wise to keep them that way. If her health crashed and she died during the legal stuff they’d make a saint out of her

    We also don’t know what new evidence might becoming out.

    • Well pointed out. We have to wait and see; meanwhile, we have to stand united, stop bitching about the whiners and losers and figure out how we are going to survive and flourish. Bitching at the bitchers does nothing for us.

  10. To say that I am disappointed is an understatement. If he backs down on this, then he is as much a lier as Hillary. Begs the question, what else did Trump lie about to get elected?

  11. Anybody notice that his promise to deport without compromise has disappeared from his official site.. or that the wall to be built will now be a fence? Adolf Hitler said almost 100 years ago that officials break all their campaign promises before they’re even inaugurated. Donald Trump is slowly conforming to this statement. It’s probable that Hitler is the only official since 1900 to keep all his promises.

      • See? Trump’s going soft.

        Also, most people forget we already have a fence! And it’s obviously not working!

    • Hitler promised his voters of 1933 not to take his voters to war. This was a pretty big lie. He also lied to Hindenburg, the Army and other elites about his war aims, i.e. none. He broke many other election promises. He let down badly the Socialist faction in his own party and outsiders who voted for him. He represented the rich, not the poor who he used for cannon fodder. He had 1200 people murdered in 1934 including the poofter leader of the Brownshirts Ernst Rohm, which useful ally Hitler also used then cast aside in favor of the Army. These murders were tolerated by the Army and by world opinion which was a grave error. Then he lied to Chamberlain, Mussolini etc, I have no designs on Czechoslovakia, only the German speaking Sudetenland. He promised he would not attack Poland. He promised Stalin, his ally, that he would not attack the Soviet Union.
      A whole book could have been written just about Hitlers whoppers and probably many have been. Most of these lies served Hitlers aims very well. He was a master at deception and bluff.
      If Hitler had told the truth he would not have been elected. Notice that none of the above have anything to do with Jews whatsoever. The tiny group of Jews have hijacked WWII to make it all about them. In the same way that Coons have made the US civil war all about them. Just because Hitler promised to give some Jews a hard time and did, that makes many people think that Hitler was an honest guy.

      • You obviously believe too much in enemy propaganda. Read his speeches, his book or any other sources from National-Socialism instead of this garbage. Superb translations have been made widely available this century, so there’s really no excuse for ignoring them anymore.

  12. Maybe, Sessions will move forward with it. It’s really his call.

    It’s probably best Trump stays out of it. The president shouldn’t be telling the FBI and AG what to do. Trump wouldn’t be able to appoint a special prosecutor anyway.

    But, still, if reneging on his promises, kissing the left’s behind just to keep peace, becomes a trend, he will have hell to pay from his supporters who worked incessantly to get him elected.

    • Legit on the hell to pay.

      I am slow to judge on these things. It takes time to see how it will all play out and we have rhetoric vs reality

      Reality is, they will all self deport if things are done correctly. No forced deportations required.

      To me what counts is they leave. Don’t much care if we force them to deport with cops and guns or we enforce certain laws that will have then all leave on their own. Politically, both domestic and international, it will play out better if they go home on their own.

      I think with Trump, we will see a lot of strong language, with little overt follow up, but the language alone will get semi decent results. Illegals are already self deporting; Mexico and Canada have already expressed their willingness to renegotiate NAFTA.

      Willing compliance is best, even if it only gets you 80% of what you want

      Personally my real hope with Trump is an emergence of an actual, organized and active right wing and populist pro White/ traditional America political party. I would like that to start with regular local town hall meetings of White folks helping each other out……Hey Joe, I’m pretty good with math, let me help your kids. Bobby, I can fix the breaks on your truck. Hey Jimmy, my buddy Joe is hiring, let’s see what we can do. Etc etc.

  13. What is the point of going after hillary when the same people are in office? Nothing will come of it and it costs a fortune. Let the civil suits come after her, there are many and tax money isn’t involved. Give Trump some credit and leeway, he’s not reneging at all, he’s playing them. The media is just trying to divide his supporters, don’t be as dumb as they think you are.

    • lol my impression of Trump is he is playing almost everyone at all times. We shall see how that goes

      I think the only 100% legit thing he says is about helping the working class/ middle class and everything else is simply a negation to get that done… and his re-election bid strengthen

      Don’t make him a bad dude, but he is a cagey bastard

  14. Here are 76 of Donald Trump’s many campaign promises
    Trump’s promises before and after the election
    “FIRST 100 DAYS IN OFFICE”: Donald Trump offers the American voter a contract like no other – Gettysburg Speech 22/10/16

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