Black School Bus Driver Charged with Homicide in Deaths of Six Black Pupils as Whites Line Up to Donate Blood

An aspiring rapper who dindu nuffins has had his career in rocket science cut short after he crashed the school bus he was driving. Six elementary school students were killed and 23 injured.

His name is Johnthony Walker.

He should have been disqualified from driving a bus just on his first name alone. Johnthony is not a name. It’s a bastardized misspelling of something. That shows that he popped out of the womb of a creature with subhuman intelligence.

And what’s up with that Buckwheat hairdo? It’s just another tell-tale sign that Johnthony has probably been spending his days buzzed.

Chattanooga Free Times

Six Woodmore Elementary children died in a bus crash Monday, with just one school day remaining until Thanksgiving break.

The school bus carrying 35 students overturned and crashed into a tree less than a mile from the school around 3:20 p.m.

The crash happened on two-lane Talley Road in the heart of a residential neighborhood just north of Brainerd Road, turning front lawns into triage stations for injured students rescued from the bus and staging grounds for frantic parents who pleaded for information about their children from emergency personnel.

Some asked to approach the wreckage, but emergency responders on the other side of a web of yellow caution tape kept them away while working to track down information on children for distraught family members.

Five students died on the bus and another died at Erlanger hospital, according to officials. Other students were in critical condition Monday night.

Students who were not rushed to the hospital walked away from the scene clutching their parents’ hands, looking dazed. They had cuts and blood on their faces. Other students laid on stretchers in yards, waiting for additional ambulances.

It took emergency crews several hours to remove trapped children from the bus, and investigators were at the crime scene late into the night. The National Transportation Safety Board has launched a federal probe into the crash, and investigators are expected arrive in Chattanooga this morning.

UPDATE: Bus driver Johnthony Walker, 24, has been arrested and charged with five counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving, according to Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher during a news conference Monday evening at 11:30 p.m. Standing near the site of the Woodmore Elementary bus crash on Talley Road, Fletcher said five children died on the scene.

Fletcher said he could not say if any fatalities occurred at Erlanger hospital, and added that the driver may face additional charges in coming days.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash and the Chattanooga Fire Department was involved in extricating victims who were trapped on the bus.

The Hamilton County Department of Education confirmed there were 37 Woodmore Elementary students on board the bus. Their grades range from kindergarten to fifth.

Of the students involved in the crash there were five confirmed fatalities, six critically injured, six admitted to hospitals but not critically injured and 20 treated and released by local hospitals.

The Hamilton County District Attorney’s office reported one additional fatality at a local hospital.

According to startclass, the school is 93 percent black.

Nonetheless, whites and only whites were lined up at the local hospital to give blood to save the lives of black children. Think whites might get a thank you for that?


15 thoughts on “Black School Bus Driver Charged with Homicide in Deaths of Six Black Pupils as Whites Line Up to Donate Blood

  1. When I heard this story on the radio, I suspected there was a black brain involved, and I said to myself, “I bet saboteur will let us know if it was a darkie driver”. Right on both accounts!

      • Black would probably be lined up jeering at the grieving white parents yealling “let da rayciss crackka chiilens die”

    • I was just going to say the same thing. I heard the nooze on the radio with no mention of who dunnit, but instinctively it must be a porch primate of colour.

      We whites are suckers. Just me, but I would find it difficult to donate blood or anything for a bunch of future rappers or rapist/murderers of some random white person

      I guess that’s not very christian of me

  2. Johnny Walker is not a good name for any professional driver. He is actually a mass murderer who crashed another school bus two months ago.
    Why do whites donate blood to save blacks, especially young ones? This is race suicide not kindness. “No good deed goes unpunished”. Whites should never donate money, blood or body organs in any way which will help to feed, edumacate or give health care to blacks especially those living in Africa.
    I thought it was legal to sell ones blood in the USA so why give the valuable stuff away unless to save a family member? The companies that collect it get plenty of money when they sell it.
    Whites are chumps.

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