Aldi Christmas–Kevin the Carrot (Family Video)

A nice clever video featuring a humanized carrot. Enjoy. Over 1.3 million people already have.

2 thoughts on “Aldi Christmas–Kevin the Carrot (Family Video)

  1. This is a cute ad. I suppose reindeer like carrots? But, realistically, Aldi’s is nothing like this ad’s image is trying to represent.

    Stopped in one day to pick up Stollen made in Germany that had been recommended we try, Aldi’s is a German company, available around Christmas, noticed the cashiers don’t bag for customers, so I put a box that was sitting on a side counter in the bottom of the cart. When I got to the cashier, I began putting the Stollen into the box. The gal said I couldn’t do that. Asked why not. “We don’t allow customers to do that.” I continued putting the Stollen in the box. She called the manager very loudly in front of many customers. He told me I couldn’t do it, very loudly. Asked why! He said it takes too long. But, listen to this, I told him “customers always put their items in the bottom of the cart, so what’s the difference if it’s in a box sitting in the cart. That’s illogical!” I said loudly. “Well, you can’t do it.” “What are you going to do to me if I continue, call the Gestapo?” Quite a surprised look on his face when I said that. “We won’t ring up the rest of your stuff.” So, I walked out leaving the remaining Stollen on the conveyor belt and in the cart.

    Boy, did that feel good!! How dare they treat customers like this!

    Aldi’s wants customers to load everything directly into the cart, then go to the side and put everything into empty boxes they have on a side counter or you can buy brown bags for 5 cents each. That’s double loading!

    Aldi’s is a heavily discounted store selling their brands only, except the Stollen. Everything is stacked up on wooden platforms, nothing like grocery stores. The only good thing about buying this brand Stollen at Aldi’s versus The Vermont Country Store is Aldi’s only charged at that time $1.99 each, Vermont, $12.95 from the same bakery in Germany. Probably, higher now, since that was about 7 years ago. Anyway, we did try it at a friend’s house and it is excellent.

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