African “Refugee” (Parasite) Arrested for Sexual Assault in Omaha

Oh yeah, this one was really going to be able to contribute to a better America.

Ladies, never open your door to an African much less let him come inside to use the phone. There’s no information on the identity of the victim.


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) — Omaha police have arrested a man for sexual assault after a woman was attacked in her own home.

Officers were called to a residence near 36th & Laurel Ave Wednesday afternoon. The woman told officers a man knocked on her door and asked to use her telephone.

Police said once the man was inside, he threatened the woman with a handgun and sexually assaulted her. The man left the scene in a white vehicle. The victim described her attacker as having a scar on his left cheek from his ear to his jaw.

Omaha Police Special Victims Unit was able to locate and arrest 20-year-old Ariath Mareng. He’s facing charges of sexual assault and gun use in a felony.

Illegal Alien Crime Report identified Mareng as a probable Kenyan.

The scar referred to in the story came from a June incident in which a group of blacks were in a fight on a bridge. Read more at Omaha Police Department.

Hopefully, President Elect Trump will see to it that this son of Obama is deported. There goes Obama’s “legacy” back to Obama’s homeland.

9 thoughts on “African “Refugee” (Parasite) Arrested for Sexual Assault in Omaha

    • “Yall donz let me inz, you be waycist bitch.”

      Who knows what he said to get in. That big scar all along his face ought to have been a warning. Many of these coons do carry a knife. Interesting that this one had a gun.

      • I wonder how often women, in particular, easily force their guard down over the dreaded r-word? It is truly astonishing.

      • I used to watch a Nigerian charmer. He hit on all the white women and Mexicans. He used the same opening line on all, with a big, big smile: “Hey baby, what’s shakin’?”

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