Video: A Message from President-Elect Trump

Published on Nov 21, 2016
The President-elect shares an update on the Presidential Transition, an outline of some of his policy plans for the first 100 days, and his day one executive actions.

5 thoughts on “Video: A Message from President-Elect Trump

  1. Heads up guys, some possibly Russian lady working at a day-care allegedly attempted to ‘hang’ a 16 month old. There are no photos as of yet, but some rumbling as to the infant being a minority. She then drove off after the attempt and crashed into somebody. This may become a huge story, her name is “Natalia Mikhaylivna Karia.”

  2. Ha! Trump bypassing MSM, good move, cut them out of the loop completely.
    Good to see he’s not going to let the lying press dictate terms from now on and will give us unfiltered news directly from him, that’s what you call transparency obummer, not your scandal ridden excuse for a presidency.

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