Obama: I’ll push back on Trump if needed to defend US ideals

In Lima, Peru, during his farewell world tour, American President Barack Obama did one of the things he does best–talking out of both sides of his mouth.


We’ll never get him to shut up.

AP Big Story

President Barack Obama said Sunday he doesn’t intend to become his successor’s constant critic — but reserved the right to speak out if President-elect Donald Trump or his policies breach certain “values or ideals.”

Offering a rare glimpse into his thoughts on his post-presidency, Obama suggested once he was out of office he would uphold the tradition of ex-presidents stepping aside quietly to allow their successors space to govern. He heaped praise on former President George W. Bush, saying he “could not have been more gracious to me when I came in” and said he wanted to give Trump the same chance to pursue his agenda “without somebody popping off” at every turn.

But Obama suggested there may be limits to his silence.

“As an American citizen who cares deeply about our country, if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle or go to core questions about our values and ideals, and if I think that it’s necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, I’ll examine it when it comes,” Obama told reporters.

Obama’s Marxism light isn’t an American ideal. It’s Saul Alinsky.

Gotcha Obummer!

11 thoughts on “Obama: I’ll push back on Trump if needed to defend US ideals

  1. How can we make a huge splashy celebration the whole world will know how ecstatic we are he’s gone? We can’t because Trump supporters would rather continue to hide out at home watching Fox News! Probably, the safest place to be.

  2. Sums up Trumps win nicely and the violence that follows was predictable.

    “The 2016 Presidential election in the United States will go down as one of the most incredible in history. ”

    “Against all the odds, and against the will of the establishment, the mainstream media, Hollywood and a gaggle of leftist celebrities such as Robert de Nero, Lady Gaga and Madonna, Americans chose the Republican candidate Donald J. Trump to be their new President.

    What followed next was entirely predictable. Outraged Democrat supporters expressed their anger by rioting across the nation and violently attacking Trump supporters.

    All while demonizing Trump and his supporters as intolerant, hate-filled fascists who will destroy America. Irony as ever is totally lost on them.

    But there are a couple of dirty secrets underpinning these riots you won’t find in the mainstream media. Mindless violence and destruction it most certainly isn’t.

    Warning signs about the intolerant nature of the left were flashed after the British voted to leave the corrupt, globalist European Union. Pro EU supporters took to the streets demanding the vote be rejected. ”


      • Yes I too hope Brexit goes through. I also hope the left fail to thwart Trump’s election triumph.

        I further think they are in for further disappointments starting next month with the re-run of the election in Austria, the election in Denmark in March, France in May and later that year in Germany.

        Notice how the main enemy are rich people and those with the potential to be rich, ie students. Joining forces against ordinary working people.

        Some of the people mentioned in the BNP article. Shouldn’t they be in Canada by now ?

    • The BNP gets it, but I’d replace socialists with communists. Liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, all the same thing.

  3. Hussein continues to lie…he is NOT an American citizen and he doesnt care about the country other than to destroy it. But note… he says ‘our’ country as opposed to naming the US specifically ; who is ‘we’?!? An esoteric message to his masters in tel aviv as to who he still supports?

    • I have this theory most of the various jew tools don’t realize they are tools.

      In this case I doubt there was any hidden message to a jew controller. Or there even is one. Instead jews fully indoctrinate people then the indoctrinated go about doing the jews work without realizing it.

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