NYC Fire Department Hires NINE FELONS to Boost Diversity


Jew York Shitty is so fuxated that it ought to be burned down (with everyone in it except for the Trump family) and then given back to the Indians.

There are too many scandals linked to nonwhite firemen (NOT PC fire fighter, thank you) to list. A few of them are discussed in the GLP forum thread on this story.

With the fire department hiring more nonwhite criminals, the scandals will continue. Furthermore, firemen will now have incentives to set fires. The cash register in a store on fire is an easy target for some easy money. Don’t even think what a fireman could steal out of a high end jewelry store.

New York Post

The newly-minted class of FDNY probationary firefighters includes an unprecedented nine rookie Bravest with felony convictions, including one who did jail time for gun possession, insiders told The Post.

The nine ex-felons, all minorities, were among 295 probies who graduated from the Fire Academy on Nov. 2, as critics charge the FDNY has loosened hiring standards to diversify its ranks.

One of the nine, a black 32-year-old who joined the city as an EMT in 2012, served more than a year in the Nassau County Correctional Center after two 2005 convictions for carrying loaded guns.

At age 20, he was busted twice in Long Island — once after a cop found a .38-caliber revolver in a car he was riding in, and again with a 9mm pistol in his car’s seat-back pocket. He pled guilty to two counts of criminal weapon possession, one a felony.

Five years later, a 2009 probation report said cops described the ex-felon as “‘not a bad kid,’ but one who associated with known gang members.” He admitted he’d been friendly with gang members, but denied ever being a member himself.

At that time, he was living with his fiancee’ and their newborn baby while supporting another child. “He shows signs of maturity and responsibility,” the probation report said. He held jobs, volunteered for a local fire department and took EMT classes.

In 2007 and 2010, however, Nassau County judges refused to grant him a “certificate of relief from disabilities,” which lifts an automatic bar against employment of people with one felony. The reasons cited: He had failed to cooperate in an investigation and to keep probation appointments.

In 2015, however, he received a “certificate of good conduct” from the state Corrections Department. The certificate is granted to people convicted of two or more felonies who have stayed clean for three to five years, or those with any criminal records seeking “public office,” which includes firefighter jobs, experts said.

The FDNY confirmed that ex-felons with such certificates can be considered for firefighting positions. A spokesman would not comment on individuals.

Some FDNY members are alarmed at the ex-con influx.

“I agree that people deserve a second chance, but how far are we going to go?” one FDNY veteran asked.

Sebastian Solomon, director of the Legal Action Center, which helps ex-cons seek good-conduct certificates, said they are potential heroes.

“This is an inherently risky profession with a challenging application process. Anyone willing to go through that process must be motivated to help others,” Solomon argued. “We just believe that they need to be judged on their merits as individuals, and not eliminated from contention solely on the basis of their record.”

The crop of ex-felons comes in the wake of a federal lawsuit by the Vulcan Society of black firefighters. In 2014, the city agreed to pay $98 million to candidates passed over because of alleged racial bias.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said the latest firefighter class, with 22.3 percent identified as Hispanic and 15.5 percent as black, “reflects the growing diversity of our department.”

That growing diversity is nothing to be proud of. Stick to putting out fires. Social experiments are unwelcome.

midget firefighter1

14 thoughts on “NYC Fire Department Hires NINE FELONS to Boost Diversity

  1. I guess their fire-trucks will now be outfitted with wheel spinners. On an unrelated topic the following is included in the interest of sabotaging a common enemy of us evil YT’s. I watched this video on another evil YT alt-right website. Please enjoy.

  2. I forgot to mention that I have a close friend whose son is a fireman/EMT. Whenever I visit my friend and his son is around, I always correct him when he refers to himself as a “fire-fighter”. I explained that fire-fighter is the Orwellian Newspeak PC cuck term for fireman. Just as are the terms police officer, letter carrier, spokes-person etc. He is young and was unaware of this. The poor guy and his generation have all suffered under the cultural marxist, PC, Jude brain-washing that is our educational system and pop culture.

    • Good for you for sharing the truth with him. He should understand though that using un-PC language can get you criticized. I once used “illegal immigrant” in class and got whacked by a complaining Mexican student who insisted it’s racist.

  3. “Sebastian Solomon, director of the Legal Action Center, which helps ex-cons seek good-conduct certificates, said they are potential heroes.”

    Something in that name… just can’t put my finger on it…

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