Amazon v Donald Trump? (((Jeff Bezos))) may soon face his biggest challenge yet

The elites thought they had it in the bag. Hillary would surely beat the stuffing out of buffoon Donald Trump.

Uh, no.

Excerpt from The Guardian

Throughout the US presidential election campaign, Trump made disparaging comments about Amazon and Bezos, prompting a war of words that looks altogether more serious in the wake of the billionaire tycoon’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

The battle started last December with a series of seemingly unprompted tweets from Trump. “The Washington Post, which loses a fortune, is owned by Jeff Bezos for purposes of keeping taxes down at his no-profit company, Amazon,” Trump wrote. “If Amazon ever had to pay fair taxes, its stock would crash and it would crumble like a paper bag. The Washington Post scam is saving it!”

The Washington Post is owned through Bezos’s personal investment firm, rather than Amazon, and Trump did not provide any explanation for his allegation. Amazon’s tax policy is controversial and is already well-known around the world, including in Europe, where it agreed favourable tax arrangements with Luxembourg. Its profit margins are also notoriously thin. In 2015, Amazon recorded sales of $107bn but net profits of just $596m, a margin of barely 0.5%.

Bezos responded to Trump’s tweets in a light-hearted manner, threatening to send him to space with his Blue Origin rocket business. “Finally trashed by Donald Trump,” he said. “Will still reserve him a seat on the Blue Origin rocket #sendDonaldtospace.”

However, the battle took a more sinister turn for Amazon when Trump addressed a campaign rally in Texas two months later. “Believe me, if I become president, oh do they have problems, they are going to have such problems,” Trump said of Amazon and Bezos.

The Republican presidential candidate then told Fox News that Amazon is “getting away with murder tax-wise” and has a “huge antitrust problem because he’s [Bezos] controlling so much”.

Trump’s criticism of Bezos and Amazon appears to be at least partly connected to his frustration at the Washington Post conducting investigations into his business dealings and questioning his suitability to be president. At the Texas event where he criticised Amazon, Trump also referred to “purposely negative and horrible and false articles” about him.

Bezos eventually hit back, accusing Trump of comments that “aren’t appropriate” for a president and which “erodes our democracy around the edges”.

However, the Amazon boss was forced to change his tone when the result of the presidential election was confirmed. “Congratulations to Donald Trump,” he wrote on Twitter. “I for one give him my most open mind and wish him great success in his service to the country.”

Shares in Amazon dropped by almost 10% in the five days after Trump’s election, more than other technology companies such as Google and Apple.

It is unclear what action Trump could take against Amazon, with the president-elect not expanding upon his threats with specific policies.

I have no ill will toward Amazon or Jeff Bezos, but the Washington Post offers biased reporting. Many of the comments there that I read this year were by Trump supporters calling for fairness by the paper.

It’s time for WAPO to clean up its act.

12 thoughts on “Amazon v Donald Trump? (((Jeff Bezos))) may soon face his biggest challenge yet

      • Yeah much smaller. As in I wouldn’t consider any one of my companies successful on it

        But I reckon his wealth is based on stock price and not company profit which seems common with Internet stocks,

        I don’t fuck around with the stock or bond markets. to hell with usury ( which is were folks engaged with usury areally headed) and the rigged markets. The whole system is set up your transfer middle class/ umc money to bankers; ie money from White men and families to jews

        I have a bank account of course, have to, but my money is in my business’s producing me income and assets to leave behind

  1. Give Jeffie credit for not banning any books yet, as far as I know, but he should consider “The Pedophile’s Guide,” cockfighting and dogfighting how-to’s.

    This company has become a huge problem for retailers since it’s almost one-stop shopping, offering multiple prices and discounts, and ships so fast. Ordered dog food, got 4 different prices from 4 sellers, of which I could choose the lowest price. Received it in two days. Received another order placed at 3:00 pm, the next day. “How did they do that?” Warehouse must have been down the street. It wasn’t! One order came from Germany in 5 days!

    I like its used book department. Buy a “like new” or “very good” book from a seller for as low as $1 and all have been “like new” or “very good.” Most “very goods” have been “like new.”

    It’s easy to become hooked on Amazon.

    • I got Mein Kampf from there, was afraid all the jew screaming would get it banned. Yes, I got a paperback of The Iliad for 69 cents. And I’ve ordered several books from Ben Klassen & Dr. William Pierce that cannot be found in bookstores, which are dying out anyway.

      If you want a great place to shop online, go here:

      I get all my litter and cat food and shelf groceries from here. Order in the morning, I usually get it the next day or the day after. Great customer service, too.

      You know, guys, nearly every store & edifice is jew owned/influenced. If we boycotted ALL the stores, there’d be no place to shop. We have to pick our battles and not lose sight of the war.

      • I heard Walmart purchased for $3 billion last September from Marc Core and Vinit Bharara, both cofounders. Core is still CEO, but Walmart’s CEO is Douglas McMillan. Read somewhere he is Catholic, which sounds right with his
        Irish surname.

        Am familiar with Jet, but when I looked at it, didn’t have the variety Walmart or Amazon had. Will look again now that Walmart owns it. I order from Walmart, too, but they take sometimes up to 10 days to receive. They used to deliver food the next day chosen from local stores, pay local residents to deliver, but said it was too costly. No fresh food, though.

        My local grocery stores are offering next day delivery on fresh food, but, of course prices are higher.

        Thanks for reminding me about Jet.

      • You’re welcome. I didn’t know they were bought out, thanks for the info. Jet is still getting it together regarding variety and pricing. If I need a full grocery order with fresh food, Vons here in Hollywood delivers, but yes, everything is more expensive. Unless I’m sick or dying, I just go to the store.

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