White Lives Matter Rally Met by Counter Protests, Mounted Police

White Lives Matter protesters in Austin, Texas held a rally to speak against the existence of hate crime laws.

Actually, those laws rarely apply to nonwhites. Which is probably a large part of the motivation to demonstrate against them.

Naturally, leftists showed up to try to start some trouble, but LEOs kept them in check.


AUSTIN (KXAN) — A clashing protest at the Texas Capitol has gathered hundreds of people Saturday.

According to Austin Police, over 300 people, made up of White Lives Matter supporters and a counter protest, began around noon.

Austin Police and the Texas Department of Public Safety are at the scene in riot gear and on mounted patrol.

No arrests have been made at this time.

Saturday’s White Lives Matter demonstration was scheduled just after the dedication of the Texas African-American History Memorial on the south lawn of the Capitol; a move the organizer says is purely coincidental. The memorial honors African-American Texans and their contributions to our state.

Meanwhile, the anti-fascism counter protests turned out to counter the White Lives Matter protest with online posts explaining they didn’t want to give the White Lives protest a platform.

One report I saw said that law enforcement was ignoring the White Lives Matter people, who were allegedly armed, and were focused on the antifa people, who almost always start the violence at events where white people meet to talk common sense.

Chalk up a victory for White Lives Matter. Their voice was heard because the police intimidated the loser lefties.

We are winning. The tide has turned. The left is impotent in many respects. There are still many years of battles to be fought, but we’re on the offensive now.

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