Trump Wants Your Suggestions for Cabinet Appointees (Link to Trump site)


David Duke for Secretary of State? Or Homeland Security?

Help the Donald get it all figured out by submitting your suggestions for various administration positions.

Link to GOP cabinet survey

Link to Washington Post article on possible choices

The Post left out Jared Taylor, Robert Spencer, David Duke, Andrew Anglin and many others, including Milo.

9 thoughts on “Trump Wants Your Suggestions for Cabinet Appointees (Link to Trump site)

      • I would love a home schooling incentive of $700 per year. It would save billions per annum from the public coffers if only 5% of the population obliged. We have to start thinking micro-rurally. This is where we beat the urbanized Jewish control centers…


  1. I proposed David Duke even before the election was over, as VP, mostly to prevent the assassination of Trump by “friendly” fire, 911 style. This idea is still valid for the same reason. Then, I put Duke forward as Secretary of State. Any top job would do, maybe Secretary of the Treasury, where he would oversee the federal Jewserve and sign “Fed” banknotes!

    Can one put ones own name forward? I am available. I was not born in Kenya or Indonesia which might count against me. Neither of my parents were traitors or Commie rats. I am not a bum bandit. I am not a US citizen, however maybe that is a huge plus?

  2. My suggestion is nothing but “old, boring, heterosexual, plain-vanilla white guys” none of whom is less that 50 years old. Our grand experiment with women, vibrant diversities, and LBGTQwhatevers has been a disaster.

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