Three Playboy Playmates Sue Strip Club Over False Representation in Naughty Ads

Who could blame these lovely ladies for not wanting their images associated with a sleezy strip club?

My San Antonio

Three Playboy Playmates and another model have sued a San Antonio strip club and are seeking $1 million in damages after the establishment allegedly used images of them without permission, according to a lawsuit obtained by

Sara Underwood, Tiffany Toth, Athena Lundberg and Rosie Jones have sued Dakota’s Dixie Rose San Antonio, 17680 IH 35 S, Dakota’s Dixie Rose Abilene, Mink Management Corporation and Tumbleweed Entertainment for alleged misappropriation and theft, according to the suit filed Wednesday in Dallas County.

The San Antonio strip club could not immediately be reached for comment Thursday.

The women claim altered images of them were used without permission to promote the businesses and made “it appear that they are strippers working in the clubs,” according to the suit.

Underwood, Toth and Lundberg are former Playboy Playmates and Jones is a model “regularly featured in many of the U.K.’s top men’s magazines,” according to the suit.

In one of the photo-shopped images, Underwood, who was named Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2007, is seen wearing a coat and low-cut shirt with “Deary Diary… Why won’t anyone make eye contact with me?” written across the it, according to the suit. The image was posted on the club’s Facebook page Feb. 21, 2014.

Underwood said the photo was used without her her permission by the Dixie Rose San Antonio location. Records from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission show the San Antonio club’s mixed-beverage license expired in October.

The Abilene club used Toth’s image on a flyer to promote a birthday party and St. Patrick’s Day event where she is seen wearing a “sexually suggestive leprechaun costume,” according to the suit.

Toth was once Playboy Playmate of the Year, according to the suit. Toth said she did not give the club permission to use her image.
Jones said the Abilene club used her image without permission in a flyer where she is featured in a black bikini and a comment that says “Some Statistics: 100% of men didn’t notice King Kong on this picture.”

If the images are copyrighted, the photographers have a case as well. However, one must prove damages in order to prevail in court. The girls are not Sunday school teachers. Their reputations would not be damaged too much by the actions of the clubs. It’s also unclear that they suffered any monetary losses.

The real victims were the men lured into the clubs thinking they were going to see lovely ladies such as these, but who ended up (after paying a stiff cover charge) watching skanky tatted up “dancers.”

Nothing good comes out of visits to strip clubs.

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2 thoughts on “Three Playboy Playmates Sue Strip Club Over False Representation in Naughty Ads

  1. F–k them. I’m tired of all these whores always making their self-righteous demands, feigning injured innocence and pretending otherwise. The best looking women in strip clubs are always the barmaids anyhow.

    • I’ll be unpleasantly surprised if they collect any money. Some lawyer is probably taking their case in exchange for sex. Just speculation on my part, but many lawyers are sleezy and spend tons of money in strip clubs and on whores.

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