The Historical Truth About the Civil War (Video)

This (((Steve Pieczenik))) video offers a critical look at Abraham Lincoln. In Steve’s eyes Lincoln is NOT a great president, but a terrible one. I think the video offers some truth, but not all of it.

To get at more of the truth, I’ve embedded a youtube comment that focuses on the role of (((bankers))) as the cause of the American civil war.

Published on Nov 17, 2016

Abraham Lincoln was gay. The Civil War was not about freeing the slaves. Lincoln was actually quoted as being abhorrently racist. Get the truth about the Civil War in this episode of Historic Truths w/ Steve R. Pieczenik.

An alternate view to that presented by Pieczenik is offered in this youtube comment:

Pieczenik, this is not accurate. It is true that “freeing the slaves” was not the primary casus belli, although modern court historians give it undeserved attention. If freeing the slaves were the cause for the war, the North would have simply purchased the slaves from their owners at market value, and banned slavery thereafter. This would have been orders of magnitude cheaper than war. That this wasn’t done is all one needs to know in order to understand that slavery was not the war’s cause, although it made (and still makes) for great propaganda.

Fundamentally it was a currency war, as most wars are. The United States was not under a Rothschild owned central bank, but had freed itself during the revolutionary war from just that. Few people today know that the Revolutionary War was fought primarily to free the colonies from the British central bank, and not as a “tax revolt,” although the taxes themselves would have never been necessary if the British currency was not a representation of private debt.

The Rothschild dynasty viewed the free colonies as a threat, and sought to Balkanize the country to make it more manageable and more susceptible to coercion. Luckily for the US, Czarist Russia, themselves an enemy of the Rothschild dynasty and who had quelled multiple Rothschild funded pseudo-communist rebellions in their own country, aligned with Lincoln and gave the North victory primarily through the means of the Russian fleet. This fleet effectively prevented the Rothschilds from exerting their desired influence in order to bolster the South. Balkanization was prevented.

Further exacerbating the war was Lincoln’s decision to fund it with Federal Dollars, rather than borrowing from Rothschild banks. Lincoln’s aim for the war was, above all else, the centralization of Federal power and the coalescence of the states into one unified nation. He felt that the notion that individual states were sovereign participants in a union from which they could freely depart had to be destroyed or else the country would be swept away by its foes.

Was 600,000 (mostly white) deaths worth it? We’ll never know. We do know that, regardless of the Civil War, the United States was later co-opted by the banking dynasties via the Federal Reserve. These are all facts that our good friends like (((Pieczenik))) prefer not to mention.

4 thoughts on “The Historical Truth About the Civil War (Video)

  1. As I age, I’m beginning to believe what we are told about the civil war, WWl and WWll is not true. The same with Vietnam and the Gulf wars. With skill, they probably could have been avoided.

    The USA is the only country that had a civil war over slavery, yet thirty years later it was gone from the world.

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