This moron wants to kill the whole Trump family!

Twitter continues to delete Micro Turkey Leaks, an alt-right Tweeter who exposes liberal madness, while allowing this fool to remain on Twitter. I can’t wait for my application for Gab to be approved.

He’s still at it. He wants all white people dead.

Here’s our weird fatty with a couple of sluts.

He retweeted the lovely Tweet below. All these scumbags are allowed to remain on Twitter while leading Trump supporters are banned.

We will create a new Internet.

What are these animals doing in my country?

Deport all these pieces of excrement, Mr. Trump.

5 thoughts on “Reported

  1. What the F**k is it? Is it Chink? Filipino? A bit of both? Part Mexican maybe? This is our future if Trump doesn’t do what he ought to, a mixture of unsavoury types with body shapes like this piece of blubber. He’s so obviously gay, why else would any girl let him within 30 metres of them?
    His future looks grim if he doesn’t wise up soon.

  2. The late and awsome Alabama Governor George Wallace running for president tells communist Hippies, @1:30, ” You have your day right now, because if I get elected, you’Re finished! I’ll tell you that right now!”

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