Praise De Lawd: Obama Releasing Haitian Migrants from Jails


A lack of jail space they say.

It must be the case that tents and barbed wire fencing are also in short supply. That would contain them.

It couldn’t be that Dumbo is releasing his people to prey upon the American population, could it?

Fox News

A U.S. government official told The Associated Press that the decision to free Haitians arriving in Arizona and California is in response to a lack of jail space. The official said releasing immigrants with orders to report later to immigration court is a tactic used when detention space is scarce, under certain humanitarian conditions or as part of efforts to keep families together.

Before the Haitians are released, they are subjected to a criminal background and national security check. The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and insisted on speaking on condition of anonymity.

The influx of migrants and lack of jail space on the border will be one of the most immediate immigration challenges for President-elect Donald Trump, whose hard-line rhetoric on the issue won over conservatives and contributed to his historic upset last week. Trump vowed to build a wall on the border and carry out mass deportations.

Thousands of Haitians have arrived at the U.S. border with Mexico in recent months, many after traveling 7,000 miles by foot, taxi and bus from Brazil through eight nations. They present themselves to U.S. border inspectors, often at San Diego’s San Ysidro port of entry, the nation’s busiest crossing.

About 5,000 Haitians had showed up at San Ysidro from October 2015 through late September, overwhelming border inspectors. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Sarah Saldana said at a recent congressional hearing that officials told her on a trip to Central America that 40,000 more were on their way.

The Department of Homeland Security last week said there were about 41,000 people in immigration detention facilities, compared to a typical population of 31,000 to 34,000. Secretary Jeh Johnson authorized the acquisition of more bed space for single adults.

The move reverses Johnson’s recently announced plans to detain Haitians during deportation proceedings. In late September, Homeland Security began putting Haitians in detention before sending them back to the homeland they fled.

It was unclear how many Haitians have been released since the change. The Department of Homeland Security did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The large numbers of Haitians arriving in California and Arizona, and Central Americans coming across in Texas have put a tremendous strain on the system.

Customs and Border Protection announced Thursday it was opening a new temporary processing center in an El Paso, Texas, suburb.

The facility in Tornillo, Texas, will be used to process families and minors and can hold up to 500 people. It will be up and running within a week.

The decision to release Haitians will likely add to the growing backlog of more than half-a-million cases already pending in immigration court. That backlog has effectively meant that immigrants routinely wait years for a judge to decide if they should be kicked out of the country.

At a bus station in Phoenix on Thursday, several Central American women said authorities released them on condition that they promise to appear in immigration court. Yarely Cobon of Guatemala was wearing an ankle monitor and was with her 4-year-old daughter.

Cobon, 22, said she left Guatemala over three weeks ago and crossed the border in Texas. She turned herself in to the Border Patrol and was detained for about six days. Her family paid for a bus ticket to join them in Los Angeles, where she has a court hearing next week.

Cobon said the Border Patrol holding cell where she was held with her daughter was packed with women in children. She called it a “hielero” — a Spanish term for “freezer” that migrants use to describe the extremely cold holding cells.

“I was just standing, sitting, desperate. There’s children crying. It was dirty,” Cobon said.

Ana Lidia Dubon Martinez is nearly eight months pregnant with twins and left Honduras with her 11-year-old brother almost a month ago. The pair swam across the river in Matamoros, Mexico, and turned themselves in to border agents in the U.S.

Dubon Martinez is headed to Los Angeles via bus.

The U.S. policy shift announced in September lifted special protections that Haitians got after their country’s 2010 earthquake and treats them like immigrants from other countries and regions, including Mexico and Central America. Central Americans, particularly adult men, are often detained until they can be flown home. Mexicans are typically turned around immediately, made possible by their country’s shared border with the U.S.

Women with children such as Cobon and Martinez are often released and given a court date similar to how the government is handling the Haitians.

The buzz is that Obama plans a blanket pardon for all illegal migrants when he leaves office. Thus, they’re swarming the border now and turning themselves in so that there’s a record of them being here.


16 thoughts on “Praise De Lawd: Obama Releasing Haitian Migrants from Jails

  1. They have been very busy flooding all Jew England states with Haitians and Somalis; two of the most vile of the porch primate species. Even some black here cannot stand either sub-species

    Barry still has 2+ months left in his reign of terror, plus the planned overthrow of the Republic on inauguration day. Head demon soros himself sais the USA must be destroyed as it’s a stumbling block to their wet dream of a hell on earth paradise

  2. “Before the Haitians are released, they are subjected to a criminal background and national security check. ”
    Surely Haiti would have very poor records of criminals kept in jail, and how much would they share with the USA?
    Almost all of these Haiti escapees would be wealthy and criminals. It cost them a lot of money to get to the USA via Mexico.
    Why not deport them to Haiti instead and go to the back of the queue which they jumped? The West punishes the good, waiting legally in refugee camps, and rewards the bad, invading illegally after paying $10,000 or so to people smugglers.
    Maybe Obama and co are on the take from the people smugglers? Nobody seems to try to stop or arrest these people. Often they live and “work” inside Western countries, smuggling thousands of scum in with impunity.

  3. Let’s not forget that these are the descendants of the Haitians that slaughtered the Colonial French who gave them food, housing, education and medicine and some attempt at civilization. Now they can’t stand their shithole country so pour all over. The turd who complained about the cold jail had it a hell of a lot better then her own country.

    And how the hell can they be subject to a background check when they only carry the rags on their backs?? Would you give your real name?? Yeah, right.

    Ofuckma still hates Thumper and is going out like a petulant brat knocking things over as he exits so the new president will have to clean it up, if he does.

    • Exactly. These douches and the Jamaicans have such as stank attitude. They run all ‘da ebil whiteys’ out now their islands are bone dry of any civilization and they bitch and moan and jump on their rafts and float up here.

      Cannot go and vacation anywhere in the Carribean because of all the piracy down there.

      Go home!

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  5. I would think that if Obama pardoned them they would have to then leave the country

    For they still would not be American citizens and have no legal right to continue to stay illegally in the US

    If they stay in the US after the pardon I would think it would lead to a 2nd offense of the same crime

    With steeper repercussions possibly imprisonment

  6. Haiti, the embodiment of modernity and civiliza-…………hahahahahaha who am I kidding? Black countries suck and we blacks should feel bad.

    They kicked out “da white debil”, and look where it got em!!!!

  7. From everyone’s experience, Haitians/Dominicans are devils (j.e.w.s.) without exception. Only hell when they’re around (Eccl 4:2-3 by 2 Peter 3:10, Amen!!!)

  8. “The Department of Homeland Security last week said there were about 41,000 people in immigration detention facilities,”
    So with a minimum of 11 million not in detention, that means that just one in 250 illegals are where they should be, in detention. The real number is probably about one in 500. Leaving 499 free to pop out anchor babies, automatic US citizens. That is one law Trump better get rid of, and fast. Within the next 8 months at the most. There will be one million anchor babies born about nine and ten months from now. Maybe two million.

  9. That first pic, can you imagine the stench? They have to go back to their hell holes or they will just do here what they have done there.

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