NYC Mayor de Blasio Top Aide Poses Next to Sister’s “Fuck Whiteness” Sign

This is what a family of ridiculous, unintelligent cucks looks like. Granny’s “Love” sign sort of loses its meaningness when it’s next to a sign that implicitly advocates the extermination of the Caucasian race.


A top aide to New York City Major Bill de Blasio faced criticism Thursday after posting an image of himself posing next to a sign reading “Fuck Whiteness” to Facebook.

To celebrate my mama’s birthday, we took to the streets to stand in solidarity with immigrant New Yorkers. #AquiEstamos #HereToStay,” advisor Lincoln Restler wrote in the post. Restler (who is white) carried a sign reading “Black + Brown + Immigrant Lives Matter” while his sister carried the “Fuck Whiteness” sign.

That post has since been deleted and Restler has deleted his Twitter account. But screengrabs of the image are still making their way around Twitter.

A de Blasio spokesman told The New York Daily News that the mayor did not agree with that sentiment. “No doubt the message was inartful and not clear enough in its intent and that’s why Lincoln took it off his page,” he said.

Mayor de Blasio’s mild response is in contrast to what would have happened had there been a sign reading “Fuck Blackness” or “Fuck Muslims.”

By the way, that’s the Mayor, his ex-lesbian wife and their two sprogs in the picture below.

Bill De Blasio and his family

3 thoughts on “NYC Mayor de Blasio Top Aide Poses Next to Sister’s “Fuck Whiteness” Sign

  1. Just for the record, in the photo above, of daughter, father, mother – sister, father, mother of mayor de Blasio top aide Lincoln Restler – are jewish. And even though Lincoln Restler had proudly posted the above image on his Twitter page – he will not be fired or even punished.

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