Muslim Scum in Berlin A Few Hours Pushes Woman in Front of Train, Killing Her

Is there anyone who thinks that Angela Merkel, and Barack Obama, who is in Germany, has had the deceny to apologize for this catastrophe for a young woman’s family?

Neither of these two partners in crime cares.

Sputnik News

A 20-year-old woman died after being pushed in front of a train at the Ernst-Reuter-Platz underground subway station in Berlin on Tuesday night.

The shocking incident took place when the young woman was standing on the platform waiting for her train and she was pushed in front of an oncoming train by a 28-year-old Hamburg man born of Iranian descent. After he pushed the woman, shocked witnesses ran toward him and held him back so that he couldn’t escape.

The Swedish press reported the tragic incident in no specific details. Meanwhile, German newspaper Berliner Zeitung reported that the offender was said to have been in Berlin only a few hours. He had come from Hamburg and was seeking a place to stay in Berlin.

According to the reports he was denied a bed, because the hotel was fully booked so he went to the subway station.

Several witnesses told the newspaper that they saw the man at the station, just a few moments before he pushed the young woman so that she ended up on the tracks right in front of the train. The woman died instantly due to her injuries.

“We can confirm that the woman was living in Germany and that she had both German and Swedish citizenships,” Veronica Nordlund at the Foreign Ministry’s press office told Swedish website DN.

According to the German newspaper the man and his victim were strangers.

The 28-year-old offender was under some sort of surveillance earlier before the tragic event, Berliner Zeitung reported.

According to Spiegel, quoting Martin Steltner, the Berlin public prosecutor had sentenced the man back in 2002 for violent crimes in Hamburg.

A police spokesman in Berlin said that the motive of the act was not clear. Images from surveillance cameras at the site will be uncovered shortly. The event was classified as murder and the man was transferred to a hospital for psychiatric treatment.

A race predisposed to violent attacks on women needs no motive. Better to have transported him to a gallows for hanging than to a psychiatric hospital for so-called treatment. You can’t treat genetic defects. You have to destroy the host.

9 thoughts on “Muslim Scum in Berlin A Few Hours Pushes Woman in Front of Train, Killing Her

    • This article really disgusted me for some reason, compared to others.

      Probably because i can’t even start to think what her parents are going through.

      Imagine just waiting for your train and a fkin muzzie scum just pushing you to make you fall right in front of the train. For no reason. She didn’t do anything to him at all. She probably didn’t even know he was behind her. But he just hates our race so he just gave her a push.

      Enough to end a life.

      Just makes you think about mortality and how much those people value life. Theirs or others’.

      • The animals make me want to puke, along with the demons like obunko and merkel that enable them

        Some years ago a nigger came out of nowhere and shoved me in the tracks of an oncoming subway train; luckily I fell short of the rails and 3rd rail, even though he tried kicking me the rest of the way. What about all the white sheep that witnessed it; they all grimaced and moved away.

        Ever since then whenever I am at a bus stop or waiting for a train, I keep far back from the rails, back against a wall if available. I walk with a cane which makes niggers salivate with black savage rage, “as cripple YT easy prey”

        We are doomed: today with the huge popularity of smart phones, the buses, trains and platforms are filed with comatose cell phone zombies

        In our commie dominated PC demon possessed society hyper vigilance ifs the rule of the day

      • The millions of European that will die over the next 40 years or so will only bring us down. We must understand that to neutralize those figures we must return the favour in full. Stack your basements. Get in with your own crowd. Make sure that anyone who speaks against your policies is shamed and threatened. Just be confident and bullish. Make people feel fear; It goes a long way…


  1. [image: Image result for people in hell photos] all of the wicked are therein, forever, per Christ in Rev 20:10-15.

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