Morons React to Trump’s Victory (Video)

Paul Joseph Watson collects responses of fools and idiots to the presidential election and then mocks them for their stupidity.

Published on Nov 15, 2016

The hysteria continues!

Here’s a bonus video with the same theme, but it includes a good bit of assassination threats. The narrator of this video uses a lot of curse words.

2 thoughts on “Morons React to Trump’s Victory (Video)

  1. So…WHERES THE SECRET SERVICE / FBI?!?!?!!?!? Just look at all the threats and ‘hate crimes’ here!
    And oh, were it just true what all the whiny little brain dead leftist faggots and skypes claim…but the times a comin… 🙂

    Really like this guy and his videos – looked around and saw a couple of really good ones including a rant about ‘modern art’ that was spot on, save for not naming the jew. [in any of them] Probably should be ‘required’ in public schools.

    btw…is that rancid bag of blubber mikey moore still in the country? Yeah…thought so.

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