LAWYERS JAILED After Blaming Drunk Driving Crash on Imaginary Negro

The “blame the black man” strategy was always worth a try, but with surveillance cameras in use everywhere today, it doesn’t seem to work the way it used to.

Daily Mail

An Ohio attorney who blamed a non-existent black man for a car accident to avoid facing drunken driving charges has been sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Heather Wilsey, 27, of Elyria in Ohio, had pleaded no contest to obstruction of official business and failure to control after apologizing to the court for leading police on a ‘wild goose chase’.

Wilsey, who is white, was also fined $1,250 and could also face another 80 days in jail if she violates the terms of three years of good behavior – which includes a ban on drinking alcohol.

Her driver’s license also was suspended, although she will retain occupational driving privileges.

The attorney, who specializes in criminal defense, business and divorce, had been driving a 2012 Acura in the early hours of June 9, when she lost control and her car hit a utility pole at East Avenue and Fourth Street, a court heard.

When police arrived, they found Wilsey and fellow attorney Kenneth Lewis of Brunswick walking away from the scene.

Lewis, 42, told officers that they had met a black man at a nearby bar who had offered to drive them home. But once he crashed, he had fled the scene.

Wilsey gave the same story, adding that she would even try and find out the name of the non-existent black man from a friend, The Chronicle reports.

But when police began to investigate their story, the tale fell apart.

Officers reviewed surveillance footage at the bar which showed Lewis and Wilsey leaving alone – before Wilsey got into the driver’s seat and drove off.

Lewis was also sentenced to ten days in jail for lying about the crash.

Both lawyers may also face sanctions from the Ohio Supreme Court following an ethics complaint filed by the Lorain County Bar Association.

The complaint accused the pair of dishonesty, racial discrimination and misconduct that adversely affects their ability to practice law.

woman laogh gif

I would suggest that people in their condition call a taxi, but taxi drivers today are from immigrant groups that pose a serious danger of their own. Maybe the best thing to do is drink at home. Or not imbibe at all.

One more thing. One of the commenters at he Daily Mail was heavily down voted for calling Heather hot. Take another look, guys. Does he have a point? Or has he been hitting the sauce himself?

5 thoughts on “LAWYERS JAILED After Blaming Drunk Driving Crash on Imaginary Negro

  1. I think 10 days is much too lenient for a lying shyster lawyer trying to pin the blame on a Holy Coon. They should be struck off the law roll for ever and get 12 months in jail for lying to police about such a serious matter – drink driving is a serious crime. Funny how if you hit a power pole the penalty is nil jail time, run down a kiddie and you get a couple of years. Why not the same penalty in both cases, only luck put the pole there and not a child.

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