Cuckolding fetish relationships: Men wanting partners to sleep with other men reaches new high

It’s a fact that Jews control the media. It’s also a fact that throughout recent history, it’s been Jews pushing sexual debauchery upon the West. Normalizing sodomite relationships and marriage is one example. Another is the current effort to normalize pedophiles and pedophilia.

This “news” story shows that a reporter had to write about something and so manufactured a story out of almost nothing. It’s a sign, though, that normalizing adultery is next on the Jewish list of perversions to be promoted to the guillable goy.

A self-confessed cuckold has revealed how he gives his wife ‘points’ based on the sexual acts she carries out with other men – one of the thousands of males turned on by one of society’s most taboo subjects.

The fetish of cuckolding – where men allow other men to have sexual relationships with their wives – is on the rise.

The cause of the rise isn’t clear, but psychologists have suggested everything from repressed male bisexuality to men being proud of their wives’ liberated sexuality.

Online communities dedicated to the topic are booming, with Google searches for the fetish peaking this week, having more than doubled in the past 12 years.

One man explained how he’d been married to his wife for two years before confessing that he fantasised about watching her with another man.

Meanwhile a married woman detailed how her husband even texted her messages of encouragement when she was trying to seduce the man they’d agreed on.

“I called my husband that night shaking like a leaf,” the woman admits. “Not only was he ecstatic, he wanted details, photos (none taken), and the whole story when he got home. When he got home, I told him everything and it aroused him so much, we had amazing sex.”

Six months down the line, the woman says she is happy having a husband and a boyfriend.

“I cannot believe my husband lets me have as much sex as I want with my boyfriend,” she says. “I am a lucky girl.”

Not all men are so relaxed, however – one described how he liked playing a game with his wife whereby she’s allowed to sleep with one other man at a time and can’t switch men more than once a month. “Here is the fun part,” he explained, “She can’t let me catch her or she can’t f*** that guy for three months.”

One gateway into this particular fetish community appears to be a Reddit forum where men share pictures of their wives asking for comments on their appearance from other men.

Dr David J Ley, author of Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them, said it may be due to the simple act of doing something so frowned-upon in society.

He told Psychology Today: “It’s essential to grasp that what might be humiliating about imagining one’s wife having sex with another male is, in its idealized formulation, transformed into something not humiliating at all but engrossingly erotic.”

This piece is propaganda. We’ll be seeing a lot more of this fetish on movies and TV. Women seem more susceptible than men to Talmudvison’s vile but determined effort to destroy the family unit, the basic building block of civilization

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17 thoughts on “Cuckolding fetish relationships: Men wanting partners to sleep with other men reaches new high

  1. This behavior is as old as mankind. More men then we’d care to admit indulge in this crap .I was engaged to an intelligence agent when I was 24, he wanted the same thing so I left him. And yes, bringing it to media attention will normalize it. That’s how they do it.

    • The one thing I will disagree on is the idea that a significant number of men want it. I think most men would like to keep their women “barefoot and pregnant” and away from other men. Because what happens when she falls out of love with her hubby and in love with her boyfriend? Not good.

      • It would depend on how good the wife thinks she has it with the husband. Most women who leave their husbands are having a secret affair, not this stuff. I’ve read many stories of the wife leaving for the boyfriend, then finds out it wasn’t worth it; rarely does the husband take her back.

        As to the subject of your post, I’d like to see a story of the wives wanting to see their men with other women. HA!

      • Given sexual morals of the day damn near everyone man is pretty cucked but we’re not supposed to discuss that

        If a man’s frame is strong enough women will certinaly accept the reverse. Accept and expect.

  2. It’s my understanding that is an Internet rumor…. and its mostly jungle at that point in Mexico

    I know at one point they wanted to build a wall, they only want mexicans to work in the usa and not the other taco benders; they are brutal to illegal immigrants down there.

    Got to give them credit thought, everything they do is about mexico/ mexicans 1st

      • On the beaners set, I mostly interact with Cubans. And they are mostly Spanish, very little or no Indian in them. And I am plugged into the Panamanian set here.

        Both groups are good to go. Don’t want them here, but that don’t make them bad folks

        Only mexicans I knew in Texas had been there so long their forefathers fought for Texas and Southern independence.

        They disliked border jumpers intensely

  3. Intell dudes are generally weirdos but I think people/ men who operate outside the norm just develop an odd mental state of norms not applying to them.

    CEO’s, folks in the Hollywood business etc just seem to go weirdo. I wonder if trump serms relatively down to earth because of natural inclination, being in the construction business or just semi normal compared to most folks at that level

  4. This topic, not the Mexican one, is often about power. Sometimes I think porn is more harmful to women than men , in that giving them ideas they wish to carry out in real life – many husbands will settle for the fantasy only. I think women have the power these days, the Tyranny of The Vagina, and many use it, old hags excluded of course. So the husband or boyfriend may cave in to such demands. On the other hand, there are fetishists and masochists and others who enjoy watching their wife get banged by another guy, or have MMF threesomes.
    I ponder this (((Masoch))) guy who wrote a novel and people pinned this real life behavior on the writer. I have not read his perverted book, however one example is he travels in Third Class while his wife travels in First Class, she dresses in furs and he dresses in rags. He does everything he can to humiliate himself. Yet I still wonder, he is nonetheless controlling her behavior and getting his rocks off.
    Yes cartiermccloud, promiscuous slutty women think it is not OK for their husband or boyfriends to have sex with another woman.
    I read an interesting true story book called “Murder For Love”, or similar title, with lots of cases where these fun times arrangements go horribly wrong. In at least two cases, the angry partner was pointing a gun at the other one who unwisely laughed. Both times they got their head blown off. Never laugh at someone pointing a loaded gun at you!
    One case in Scotland, the rich husband with a castle persuaded his wife that they open a nudist club and they both would participate. Next he proposed orgies and filming and they both would join in. Then the wife fell in love with one of these random dudes who murdered the rich guy. “No good deed goes unpunished”.

    • I have seen it most often in men who seek out trophy wives. To them it is an ego boost to know all these other men want their wives. Men who encourage this type of thing are generally just sociopaths on one end or complete betas on the other who just allow it because the women want it. In either case the Women eventually realize that neither man cares for them and it ends.

  5. It’s the Jews who project their perversions onto us. Most of them like this sort of thing themselves. Jews want to be strap-on’ed, cuckolded, spanked, forced to pay for everything, forced to watch gay porn, forced to be pissed and shat on, and you name it. I even heard of one who gets off on watching his wife… eat bacon. Oh, the shame – that’s obviously the worst. Just ask a Muslim.

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