Woman Punched Hard in Face by White Police Officer During Eviction (“Disturbing” Video)

Although it’s not clear that there’s a racial angle on this story, the woman you see being punched by a white police officer is probably a Latina.

Whether there is a racial angle or not, the video shows no reason for a cop to punch the woman. Yes, she was arguing and creating a disturbance, but her fit was nonviolent. On the other hand, videos rarely capture the whole story.

The police officer who threw the punch has been suspended and an investigation has been started. The woman says she’s filing a lawsuit. Scroll down for the video.


A police officer has been placed on leave after being filmed punching a woman in the face during an arrest.

In the shocking footage , Arizona cop Jeff Bonar is seen arguing with Marissa Morris outside a house in a residential street – before the officer draws back his fist and lands the sickening blow.

“Hey, hey, you can’t hit a girl like that,” a man is heard saying in the background during the clip, which also features strong language.

Police in Flagstaff became aware of the incident after the video surfaced on social media on Wednesday, police chief Kevin Treadway said.

He told a news conference yesterday: “I am as concerned with what is depicted in this video as I know others are.

“I have heard your concerns and the department is taking this incident very seriously.”

Treadway said separate internal and criminal investigations had been launched into the confrontation.

Bonar, who has been with the Flagstaff Police Department for less than three years, will be on administrative leave until investigations have been completed, the police chief confirmed.

The officer is said to have been assisting with an eviction at about 11am local time when he recognized Morris, whom he believed had outstanding warrants against her.

The situation became heated as Bonar attempted to detain Morris, Treadway said.

The video posted on Facebook showed Bonar, Morris and a deputy near a house, and Morris arguing that she did not have an active warrant.

Bonar is seen punching her in the face, before Morris is ushered into a police car.

Treadway said Bonar wrote in the incident report that Morris had kicked and kneed him in the groin before he hit her.

The police chief also confirmed warrants for Morris failing to appear in court on charges of driving under the influence and resisting arrest had already been served and were no longer valid.

Watch the video. If Bonar is charged with assault and you were on the jury, would you vote guilty or not guilty?

Latest update here. There’s some body cam video at the link.

9 thoughts on “Woman Punched Hard in Face by White Police Officer During Eviction (“Disturbing” Video)

  1. I never accepted feminism but that’s beside the point. It’s too hard to see what’s really going on because of the stairs blocking the view. I don’t see her kicking the officer in the groin. Wouldn’t he be doubled over? At any rate, resisting arrest is never a good idea. She could get the warrants straightened out at the station with a lawyer.

      • I believe you’re right; most people we met are somehow, somewhere almost over the edge. Shut up and smile and you’ll soon be on your way, but few think that far ahead.

  2. She has nil sympathy from me. Never be a smart ass to a cop. “You can not arrest me until you have a warrant”. What an idiotic thing to say, and wrong. Police have a huge amount of discretionary power, else wise they could not achieve anything at all. People must obey all lawful police instructions. She was not doing so. A punch in the face is just what she needed.
    Better I suppose to politely put her in the back of the paddy wagon with the slippery seats and no seat belts, then drive fast around corners while she is thrown all over the place. This is legal and the cops do it all the time. Try filming that!

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