Faggy Jew Rutgers Professor Sent to Pysch Ward for Threatening to Kill White People


If you look up Kevin Allred, you’ll see that his rhetoric has gotten him into the news before. Although it’s impossible to know for sure, I believe he’s a homosexual Jew, which would account for his hate speech directed toward white people.

Amazingly, Rutgers University still has him on the payroll and in the classroom.

Daily Mail

A Rutgers University professor was reportedly taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after making ‘threatening’ comments about shooting white people, flag burning and gun control in light of Donald Trump’s election.

Kevin Allred – best known for his women and gender’s study class ‘Politicizing Beyonce’ – was at his Brooklyn home when police arrived on Tuesday night.

Police had responded to his home after Rutgers police told NYPD that had Allred made ‘threats to kill white people,’ according to the New York Daily News.

Officers said they were there after several failed attempts to get in touch with him by Rutgers officials, but Allred told the Daily News he has no record of school officials trying to reach him.

Cops then loaded the adjunct professor into an ambulance and took him to Bellevue Hospital where he spent two hours and underwent an evaluation.

When he was released, he tweeted, calling the ordeal a ‘s*** show’ and said it was part of a crackdown on free speech amid Trump’s election.

Rutgers officials said a student had filed a complaint about Allred, but did not elaborate.

‘The Rutgers University Police Department responded to a complaint from a student and took all appropriate action,’ a Rutgers spokesman told NJ.com.

‘We have no further comment.’

Allred recounted the whole incident on Twitter and said police told him he was ‘a threat based on political statements’ he made on ‘campus and on Twitter.’

‘They’ve forced me to now undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital,’ he tweeted.

‘They brought me by ambulance tho i’m not under arrest technically.’

‘And this is for exercising my f***ing first amendment rights. i’m being labeled a threat and put in a psych hospital,’ he added.

This ‘is proof positive that Trump’s crackdown on free speech has absolutely begun,’ he tweeted.


Later on Twitter, he said he asked if conservatives would care as much about the Second Amendment if guns killed more white people.

‘In class, we talked about flag burning generally as a form of protest, and what does the flag mean to different people,’ Allred told the Daily News.

‘Then I made a comment, essentially saying, “Would people feel the same way about being so lenient with the Second Amendment if people went out and got guns to shoot random white people?”‘

He had also tweeted asking for the university’s response in addressing ‘the fears of MANY RU students for their safety in Trump’s Amerika (sic)’ following the election.


What a nutjob. Trump hasn’t taken office but Trump is cracking down on free speech, while Twitter is on a rampage deleting alt-right accounts.

There’s no word on whether Allred passed his psychological evaluation. Really, in the world of American higher education, he’s not that unique. He trespassed by directly claiming that whites should be dead. The university propaganda machine generally works at a more subtle level.

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18 thoughts on “Faggy Jew Rutgers Professor Sent to Pysch Ward for Threatening to Kill White People

  1. Matthew 23:33-36 proven, once again, as every other time. No wonder that this demon, as all others of the Rev 2 & 3:9, is found here: Matthew 25:41.

  2. Why don’t this guy just fight white people? Pick a dude of his same weight and body type, and fight him; what’s wrong with that? Does Professor Allpink not want to really let whitey have it?

  3. This man was hoist by his own petard. “He that teaches gender studies bullshit, shall be deemed crazy as batshit and locked away”.

    “”Kevin Allred – best known for his women and gender’s study class ‘Politicizing Beyonce’ ”
    I suggest any and all students voluntarily enrolled in this bullcrap course also need to have a psychiatric evaluation. ASAP.

    The student that ratted him out must be a saboteur! A right winger who snuck in to the gender studies for just this reason! Well one, crafty white man or woman.

    All Red – is that the faggot Commie Rats real name?

  4. Whether a douchy Jude or not, I wonder how this wretch would feel about free speech and his other blather if I casually Twattered him or Snatchchatted him or whatever these fancy-fag social media are and offered to throttle him. Better or worse?

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