6 thoughts on “Alt-Right Tweeters Sneak Back After Twitter’s Purge Tuesday Afternoon

  1. The above is mild for John Rivers and others, including a few of the gals who are frequently too explicit and crass. John sounds like a Daily Stormer.

    For example, John:

    “Different Races evolved Different Traits.
    Some are Tall. Some are Fast.

    And some are Dumb.”

    It’s easy to see from his map, blacks in Africa have low IQ’s. He didn’t need to add “And some are dumb.” Not much a black can do if he inherits a low IQ.

    I certainly do not support Twitter’s suppression of free speech, but some Whites go too far. All make us look bad.

    Someone recommended switching to Gab.ai, but it’s Russian.

    Paladin, usually someone alerts everyone when someone banned has opened another account.

    • I’ve signed up for gab, but I’m in their line, which contains over a million people. Sign up if you’re interested before the line gets longer. Also, I’ve just been banned by Flickr. I’m looking for a new photo host right now. All the pics have disappeared from my posts since using Flickr.

      • The line must be going fast, I was 139,097 one second ago. Why were you banned from Flickr or shouldn’t I ask?

      • My eyesight is poor. Maybe I misread the number. I hope so. Anyway, we can set up gab accounts as backups and use it for some purposes if they ban use from Twitter.

        Micro Turkey Leaks was banned from Twitter about 20 times but he keeps coming back. He has a reddit account as a backup where he announces when he’s back from a ban. He’s a tech guy, so he must know how to backup and save all his Tweets because when he comes back, I think the old ones are still there.

        As to Flickr, some rat reported the content to them. I can either send you an email and tell you why I was banned or you could just read the Terms of Service and maybe figure it out. I have a new Flickr account now but my experiment in trying to use it without running afoul of the rules appears to have failed. For some of my posts I can hotlink to a photo. In other words I do a Google search for a specific photo, then click on the “Image” button. The browser address box shows where the picture is stored. I just copy the location into the post and the picture appears. This picture of the Mexican oven in a Breitbart story is hotlinked:

        Click on it and you can see in the address box what I can copy to make a pic appear in a post.

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