6 thoughts on “Twitter Initiates Mass Purge Of Alt-Right Accounts Following Trump Victory

  1. ” remained mostly unchecked by social media (((giants))).”
    Who are these “giants”, or are they hook nosed (((pygmies)))? Did I just “spew” “vitriol” or “hate” with this idea?

    Trump could ban Twitter use by all people inside the USA. Banning Facebook would also be great. he could smash these companies for their attack on the alt-right and free speech generally. Twitter seems to forget who won the election, so they are on a slippery slope.

      • I wish I was a mixture of Samson, Sir William Wallace,Jonathan Edwards, St.Augustine, Jerome, Isaiah, Moses, Donald J. Trump, 88, and the Savior himself! I would descend from the clouds with ten thousands of warriors and I would put an end to the Hollywood programs-starting with A phoney satellite nation poised as ” Israel” I would shout pristine orders in klar ordnung (clear order) I would speak volumes is cogent, succinct palabra. I would melt mountains of dissent with the terrible gaze of righteous indignation. I would pull pillars of stone and fire down upon the philistine. I would utter in tones that would cause the evil demon seed to flee, though no remedy would they find.
        Scholars would rush to surrender their foolish and primitive rituals and beg for a new robe. They would beat their chests and cry profusely in repentence and beg me to judge them rather than Moses should judge them.

        What stage is being set is this. The Edomite Jews, legendary for their suicidal way of life are carrying out their on eve of destruction and they plan to take us ( the White Race, true children of God) with them. They are presently mounting their resources, which is considerable, for this, the final showdown, which has been called by many names such as Götterdämmerung, doomsday, Shiloh and Waterloo. Best known as Armageddon
        We are steps beyond and past the doorway. We have entered.

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