‘Puppycide’: 2 Detroit cops kill 100 dogs during tenure, investigation reveals


An investigation has determined that dogs are the innocent victims in Detroit’s war on crime.

Dogs have a natural instinct to protect their masters. It’s why we adopted the dog as man’s best friend some 20,000 years ago.

Animal control officers do not shoot dogs so I fail to see why police would need to do so on a routine basis. Police brutality can come in many forms, including dog murder.


Harrowing reports filed by the Detroit Police Department have revealed that police killed 25 dogs last year and at least 21 this year. The records also identified two officers that have killed more than 100 dogs throughout their combined careers.

The ‘destruction of animal’ reports, obtained by Reason, provide evidence of what critics are calling ‘puppycide.’ They reveal that at least 46 dogs were killed in 2015 and the first eight months of 2016 – despite just one officer being bitten by a dog during that period, according to the records.

‘Dog hunting’
The department has found itself at the center of numerous lawsuits due to its officers’ trigger-happy behavior, one of which was filed by Plaintiff Nikita Smith, who claims officers killed her three pit bulls while executing a narcotics search warrant in January. She claims her dogs were not misbehaving, and that she told the officers she was putting the dogs away. She placed two in the basement and one in the bathroom.

When one of the dogs escaped and sat down next to Smith, officers reportedly opened fire and killed it, before charging into the basement and shooting a second pit bull that was pregnant and backed into a corner. They then moved on to the bathroom, where one officer asked “Should we do that one too?” before opening fire through a closed door.

Although the officers claim they were approached by “vicious” pit bulls at the house, Smith’s attorney Chris Olsen has called their bluff, referring to photos from the scene, which he says resemble the horror film The Shining.

“…The dog is in the back of the bathroom and just covered in blood. But their (officers’) story is that the dog opened the door itself and was coming to eat them. The problem is the door handle wasn’t a latch. It was a knob. That’s how fu**ed up it is. That’s their story in federal court.”

According to Olsen, one of the officers involved in shooting Smith’s dogs, William Morrison, had shot 39 canines dogs prior to that fateful day.

“That’s a staggering number, and that’s just one officer out of six involved in that case. Someone who’s killed 39 dogs in the course of duty… is really hunting,” he said.

detroit kills dogs

While the number is indeed staggering, it appears that Morrison isn’t alone. In fact, another officer has far surpassed him, reportedly killing a whopping 67 dogs during his tenure. That officer’s name and badge number were redacted from the reports, though he or she reportedly works for the department’s Major Violators Unit. The 67th killing was detailed in a report following an April 14, 2016 narcotics raid.

‘Don’t kill my dogs’

Another lawsuit was filed in August after officers carried out a narcotics raid that involved an undercover going to a person’s home and attempting to buy marijuana. Although the suspect refused to sell, police still went ahead with the search anyway.

Nicole Motyka and Joel Castro said their three pit bulls were behind a large wooden barrier in the kitchen when police entered their home.

Castro claims he repeatedly told the officers, “All I have is weed. Don’t kill my dogs.”

His plea was unsuccessful, however. The officers shot and killed two of the dogs, one of which was a puppy.

The officers’ testimonies on the incident differ. One says the barrier was still in place when the dogs were shot, and another says the dogs charged when the owner moved the barrier out of the way.

Motyka claims the dogs were shot while the barrier was still in place.

“I don’t want anything to do with the Detroit police anymore,” Motyka said. “You grow up being taught these are the people you’re supposed to trust, and then they come in and kill your family. I have no love for them. None. They probably sleep well at night. We don’t.”

Settlements & missing records
The department has settled at least two expensive lawsuits involving the shooting of canines. One of these included a $100,000 payout to a local resident whose “very friendly” French mastiff was shot and killed while chained up outside his house.

Another case, which involved a dog that was shot in the face while running up to an officer, ended in an $8,000 settlement. That dog ultimately survived.

While the newest revelations are both shocking and replete with accounts of police abusing and murdering family pets, Reason stressed that at least seven incidents documented in lawsuits and media reports were not found in the records that were released.

The Detroit Law Department, which handles public records requests for the city, said it never received those reports, which means the police department either failed to find them or intentionally hid them – a move that would violate Michigan law. Consequently, the actual number of dogs shot by Detroit police is unknown, and potentially much higher than records indicate.

Psychopaths who hide behind a shield must be rooted out. Cops who unjustly kill animals have a personality flaw that disqualifies them from police work.

The problem of dog murder is nationwide, not just Detroit. In some instances, beloved family pets are killed in front of young children.

The long, hard grind to bring this intolerable situation to an end is just starting. The next step should be change.org petitions, informing President-elect Trump, and more lawsuits.

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12 thoughts on “‘Puppycide’: 2 Detroit cops kill 100 dogs during tenure, investigation reveals

  1. Lol was going to post that but figured you would cover it

    This seems from the militarization of the police. It’s a tatitic they picked up from us, but we operate in areas where dogs are not pets.

      • Lol

        pisses me off on several levels. Sometimes you have to shoot dogs. Is what it is. I rescued a pressa who was shot. I am fairly certain that was legit. Hateful bitch of a dog to the outside world. Love her with all my heart. Utterly confident in her willingness to protect hearth and home; don’t trust her a lick with outsiders

        Most of the time they are just killing dogs. I hate cops. When I was a kid they were peace officers and generally righteous dudes

        Now they are law enforcement officers. Big difference. Wannabe hardasses.

        But the problems are legit. Negros are out of control, cops are poorly trained, dealers do use dogs to protect their dope, cash and persons.

        As in almsot all things of this sort, separation, segregation or Jim Crow is the amswer

      • Would also like to know the race of the cops dog hunting

        Negros are terrified of other people’s dogs. Could be a major factor

  2. “critics are calling ‘puppycide.”
    These critics are propagandists.
    Killing adult guard dogs is not killing puppies. This would be like naming the killing of armed and dangerous blacks as “babycide”

    Probably all of the dogs shot are dangerous breeds. None would be Golden Retrievers or Labradors. Or teensy weensy lap dogs.
    Obviously drug dealers would keep the dangerous dog locked in the same room as the stash. So the police must enter any room where the dogs are locked.
    Better to give the owner a short time to restrain the dogs with collars and move them when requested to do so. But the cops must be inside and watching, they can not wait outisde while this goes on as the stash may get flushed down the toilet. Also the dealer could reach for a gun and may have time to use it.
    The police in USA searches do not have time to be nice like the British bobby of 50 years ago, e.g. to worry about dog welfare before finding whatever it is they have a warrant for.

    I think the percentage of dangerous dogs vs gentle dogs says a lot about a country and the people that live in it. In Eastern Europe every second house has a noisy barking guard dog, often on a chain and sometimes a running wire, as do a great many businesses with open land and a fence.To my mind, a lot of guard dogs means a country is a dangerous shithole, infested with dangerous, violent criminals. Or Coons maybe.

    Why does anybody need three dangerous dogs? I used to have three Rottweilers next door and I reckon I lost about $50,000 when I sold my home as most buyers were put off by these large powerful barking dogs.

    • Agreed. And I personally find it very troubling for anyone to call these mutants (pit bulls mostly) “man’s best friend.” These fighting breeds have been best described as grenades: yours may be a dud, or it may be triggered to set off. The thing is, there has never been a true way to test them.
      He loved children! He never hurt anyone before! They’ll only lick you to death! There are no bad dogs, only bad owners! How many times has variations of these expressions been heard after a mauling or death?

      I implore anyone reading this comment to check out Craven Desires. This is someone sick of pit bull propaganda, and doesn’t mince words about it. Be warned: there are graphic photos and videos included, and she’s not going to apologize for it. Case in point: the idiocy of a man named Randy Joe Cornwall. I suppose when it comes to a breed that makes up less than 5% of the canine population but is responsible for more than 50% of dog-related fatalities, this cannot be sugarcoated.

      I’m saying this not because I hate dogs (I don’t!), but because I love people, and no one deserves this destruction in their lives.
      Who needs three dangerous dogs? Good question. See how that worked for Alexandria Griffin-Heady, or more specifically: her little brother. She didn’t listen to the warnings of dozens of people, and young Tyler paid the price. This was a senseless loss, and never should have happened.

  3. I have begun working this. Want to get answers to some questions before I take the plunge. And for the record, I don’t believe in bully breeds deserving to be shot. They are who man makes them.

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