BREAKING NEWS: Trump Takes a **** Without the Press Being Present

The press is going to continue to make mountains out of molehills in regard to a Trump presidency. Get used to it.

Their goal is to get the public to turn on the man before he can get anything done. All of his cabinet appointments will be greeted with derision. His words will be twisted and distorted.

You know the routine. Ignore the media filter and think for yourself.

Lew Rockwell

Trump went to dinner yesterday without notifying the press, and NBC reported he was already “breaking protocol” before taking office. NBC also reported that “President-elect Donald Trump emerged from his New York skyscraper Tuesday night for the first time in days, moving about the nation’s largest city without a pool of journalists on hand to ensure the public has knowledge of his whereabouts.” USA Today reported that “The president of the White House Correspondents Association called President-elect Donald Trump’s decision to go to dinner without informing reporters “unacceptable”…” I did not know someone had the job of the “president” of a bunch of rag-tag pencil pushers whose job it is to tag along with every move made by our president(s). Lastly, MSNBC found its first “BREAKING NEWS” Trump scandal when reporting this story.

6 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Trump Takes a **** Without the Press Being Present

  1. Here’s another MAN who is attacked by an assortment of frozen cream concoctions.
    A lot of common sense here, from an educated man struggling in a snowflake storm.

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