Black South African Leader Tells Blacks to Take Any White Land They Want


Judging from a far distance away here in the U.S., South Africa looks fuxated but still functioning. The last time I checked, the white population was around 8 percent of the total. As whites dwindle in number and percent, the country will likely cease functioning at what any of us would call a civilizational level. Chaos will replace order. Poverty will replace the pockets of prosperity.

Black run countries require propping up by the West. South Africa will be no different.

EFF leader Julius Malema has told his supporters that they should occupy any white land that they want, flying in the face of an ongoing court battle where he has been brought to book for similar statements in the past.

Malema was addressing a crowd after his court case was postponed to 2017. He is facing charges of violating the Riotous Assemblies Act, by calling for EFF members to illegally occupy land. The case is based on two charges, the earliest of which was in 2014.

“When we leave here, you will see any beautiful piece of land, you like it, occupy it, it belongs to you… It is the land that was taken from us by white people by force through genocide,” he said.

The EFF leader has sparked outrage over racially-charged utterances in the past, telling white people that they have been warned, and that they are not welcome in the country – which his party refers to as Azania.

Last week, Malema bordered on hate speech by saying that he was not seeking to slaughter white people – adding “at least not yet”, while addressing supporters outside court.

In an about turn, he has now clarified his position, saying that “I will never kill white people, why should I kill them? I will never (take) revenge for what they did … I’m asking politely for the land to be returned,” he said.

Malema has also clarified his ‘public’ position on whites in South Africa, saying that they are welcome to land in the country, but they will never own it, as they are only visitors here.

Malema said the length of a visitor’s stay depended on their conduct.

“If you continue to misbehave, feeding our people to lions, putting them in coffins while they are still alive, then you are applying for something else,” be warned he said.

Malema called on white people to stop being crybabies, telling them that they are scared because they know what they had done to their black counterparts.

“You are troubled because of what you have done to us because you think we are like you. We are not like you, no white man will be driven to the sea. We…need you to see black people prospering.”

The EFF is only three years old and is still in its political infancy; however the party commands a large support base, which has shown to be increasing.

In the 2014 National Elections the party received just under 1.2 million votes (6.4%) – jumping to just under 2.5 million votes in 2016 (8.2%).

The party has backed its leader, saying that the policy of land occupation, and taking back the land from white owners without compensation is EFF policy. The party said that it is not Malema on trial for his comments – but the entire EFF for it ideology.

11 thoughts on “Black South African Leader Tells Blacks to Take Any White Land They Want

  1. The jews still hold ALL the power, that’s the only reason SA has not gone completely native. There are a few white traitors doing the blacks bidding but for the rest of the whites it’s purgatory.
    The chinese are heavily invested in Africa in general and they will not give up their investment and leave when the blacks decide that what the Chinese have built should now be theirs as the Chinese STOLE it form them. They outnumber the even the blacks and their army is very powerful plus they can stave off any political challenges through trade. They are still illegally in Tibet and yet everyone has forgotten about it, they will forget about the black Africans too.

      • The Chinese investment in SA will ultimately fail. I know a dozen Afrikaners who escaped to live here in North America, and they have some hellish things to say. All of them agree that in a decade or so, that once great country will be inoperative fiscally and lawfully. They are desperate to get as many of their folk out before the nightmarish end begins…

      • Since commie China has a huge atheist population and life is as cheap as Chinese made goods, they do not suffer from white guilt. If push came to shove and the pavement après began causing harm to Chinese, they probably wouldn’t
        think twice about turning the entire apefreakan land mass to glass

  2. Let’s hope Trump tells these evil racist blacks to treat the minority European population there a lot better from now on, or even except them (the European/White South Africans) as asylum seekers, Trump did make comments about the oppression in South Africa but I don’t think he specified that it was against the White South Africans.

  3. no wonder all black devils (j.e.w.s.) are either all in the eternal lake of fire, or are about to be forever cast in. After all, it was blacks (“dark-skinned j.e.w.s.”) which alone murdered Christ.

  4. I recommend the site ozzie saffa which is linked here. A South African woman who escaped to Australia. Those shirts look great – looks like Bob Mugarbage. Where can I get one? This could boost the Zim economy!

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