Rush Limbaugh Advises Trump to Call Hillary and Obama and Make Them Stop the Riots

Rush Limbaugh has advised our leader to call the criminals in charge of our government now and demand that they call off their terrorists who have seized control of the streets in city after city.

The fat man offers good advice.

Advice from me: Prosecute both of these traitors, beginning on Inaugaration Day. Show no mercy. They showed you none, President Trump. In fact, they are preparing to mount a legal challenge to your election via tampering with the Electoral College and via still uncounted votes.

Excerpt fromRush Limbaugh Radio Program:

Obama and Hillary Must Shut Down Their Riots: The Democrat Party’s Illusion Is Shattered, and It’s the End of Their Ruling Against the Will of the American People

November 14, 2016
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RUSH: I tell you what I would do, and I would have already done it, but since it isn’t done already, here’s what I would do. I’d call Obama and I’d call Hillary, and I’d say, “You’re gonna shut this stuff down. You’re gonna stop it right now. It’s your people doing this. And if you don’t shut it down, I’m going to, and I’m gonna call every law enforcement department all over this country where these riots are taking place, and I’m gonna tell ’em I got their backs after I’m inaugurated.”

I’ve got three different websites which have pictures of lines of buses, 10 to 15 buses in Chicago and in other places where these people are bought. They’re the same people that show up at Black Lives Matter protests. They’re the same people that showed up in Ferguson, in Baltimore, you name it.

The reason Obama and Hillary are not gonna shut it down is they love it. Obama loves the look and he loves the media telling everybody that the country is objecting to the election results. And the election results, ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you again, and I’m not, by the way, angry or in a bad mood. I’m loving every minute of this. But I do think it’s time to knock some heads. And the fact is the Democrat Party was totally repudiated. And I am gratified I have found two substantive news stories now documenting that which I already told you last week.

The repudiation of the Democrat Party starting with the midterms in 2010 has been profound. They are at their weakest they have been since the 1920s. Even George Will is now on board with Trump now that he’s realized what happened. George Will, oh, yeah, all of a sudden now conservatives get to appoint the Supreme Court for 25 years. Conservatives get to do this or that. He’s done a 180 on this.

This election is a great illustration of reality versus mirage and illusion. The media, for eight years, and the Democrat Party for eight years has been acting and thus apparently convincing a lot of people on our side that we have lost the country. That we are in the minority, that we’re outnumbered, and big time outnumbered, and we are dwindling away to nothing. That the transformation of the country was well underway and nothing could stop it.

And it was not happening. It wasn’t even close to happening. We could have defeated Obama in 2012, and we maybe could have in 2008, but that’s a big “maybe” not worth reprosecuting at this point. The truth of the matter is it’s the Democrat that is the minority. We have been governed by a dwindling minority for the last eight years, made to look like a supermajority trending up.

I’m gonna go through the numbers and the details again to remind everybody about just how deeply the Democrat Party has sunk and how they have just been shellacked and how Obama’s specific policies were repudiated in this election. Therefore these people protesting and whining and moaning and crying about things need to be told to grow up real fast.


Drain the swamp by deporting (((Soros))) to any of the nine countries that have a warrant out for the arrest of the bilionaire troublemaker.

They are not the majority and they never have been the majority of people in this country. That’s why we’re gonna start hearing about the tyranny of the majority pretty soon and the rights of the minority pretty soon. This is how the Democrats and the left always portray this when they lose elections. But it is really bad, the circumstances for the Democrat Party.

Now, I don’t mean anybody to assume from this that they’re gonna slink away and go away. Quite the contrary. They’re going to continue to try to present the illusion that they are the majority and they got shafted, and one of the ways they do that is with the popular vote versus the electoral vote. So let me remind you of some things about that, because I want you people fully confident. I want you armed to the hilt with data and information. I don’t want you wavering on anything.

You have to promise me, you’re not gonna waver, you’re not gonna go wobbly in the knees. You’re not gonna get weak on me out there. You’re not gonna fall prey to the usual tricks and practices implemented by the left and the Democrat Party. You are the majority. We won the election and it was huge. And the Democrat Party’s losses are deep and significant and for a long time.

These losses have been occurring over a long number of years. It didn’t just happen with this election. The left knows it, and the Democrat Party knows it, but coming to grips with it is another thing. They are used to living illusions. They are used to spreading illusions, delusions, and all of this, and they will continue.

So let’s look at the popular vote versus the Electoral College. They’re trying to tell us that some states still haven’t been called and we’re gonna end up winning, they say, the popular vote by a significant number of votes, which they are going to try to say delegitimizes Trump’s presidency, and they’re going to use that to try to deny every Trump policy initiative on the basis that in terms of the population of the country, he was rejected. So we need to get rid of the Electoral College and all this.

I don’t think that’s gonna hold up. The first reason I don’t think it’s gonna hold up is this — and I made this prediction last week, and I made the prediction based on some early data I had seen. It’s gonna be awhile before we actually have the total vote count. And the reason for that is that the Obama forces are still out there trying to massage the results so that they can get this popular vote majority that they want. Make no mistake about it.

So my prediction is that when all of the votes are counted, we’re going to find that a significant number of illegal immigrants voted. I wouldn’t be surprised if the number is as high as two million illegal immigrants. And when this all happens, it’s going to be quite clear that Trump won the popular vote as well. Mark my words on this. As usual, don’t doubt me.

But there’s even more. Let’s say let’s say, for example, that we didn’t have the Electoral College and the popular vote mattered, do you realize how that would have changed the entire campaign? It would have made states like New York and California automatically in play. They’re not now. Trump didn’t spend any time in California, very little time in New York because there was no point. If every Republican in both states votes for you you have no prayer of winning the popular vote there, and therefore you have no way of winning the electoral votes from those states, so those states automatically go Democrat.

But what if there was no Electoral College? The campaign would have been much different. You wouldn’t have had nearly as much time spent in North Carolina. You wouldn’t have had nearly as much time spent in Wisconsin by Trump or Michigan or Ohio or some of these rust belt states. You would have Trump going with the people were. He would have gone to New York. He would have gone to California. He may not have needed to win the state, but if the popular vote were all that counted, he could have easily won this election by simply changing focus.

The same thing for the Democrats. You know, Hillary did not even go to Wisconsin? Hillary spent all of her time assuming the blue wall, assuming the blue states were gonna come through for her and then she spent some time in what she thought were battleground states, but without the Electoral College there’s no such thing essentially as a battleground state. They’re battleground states simply because of the Electoral College. But if it’s popular vote only, can you imagine if Trump had spent all the time in those states that he spent there in California?

My point is that you can’t automatically conclude that if the Electoral College is thrown out, that Hillary would have won because the campaign would have been entirely different. And I’m gonna go with the assumption that Trump would have won either way, because Trump won. He won as the election had to be contested. Where Trump had to go and where Trump had to win, Trump did. And they can’t take that away from him and they’re trying to with this Electoral College BS.

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