Dothead Pepsi CEO Smears Trump, Sees Stock Decline

indri noorhi peopi ceo

The lesson here is for us deplorables to boycott all Pepsi products. I have a list after the story.

The Gateway Pundit

Indri Nooyi is the far left CEO of PepsiCo.

In 2008 PEPSI honored Obama’s election with an Oba-logo and Hopey-Change website.

Indri was a also top Hillary Clinton supporter.

She lost it after Hillary got shellacked on Tuesday.

Indri told reporters her employees were “all” scared and crying after Trump’s victory.

She wasn’t scared when hundreds of Trump supporters were getting cold-cocked and suckerpunched after Trump rallies by violent leftist thugs.

But she’s scared now.

Seriously, Indri?

Bet her far left friends aren’t half as scared as the employees at the Trump hotels in Chicago, New York and Washington DC!

It’s probably a good time to pass on the Pepsi products.
Yahoo reported:

PepsiCo’s CEO said the election of Donald Trump as president was terrifying her employees.

“I had to answer a lot of questions from my daughters, from our employees. They were all in mourning,” PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi told Andrew Ross Sorkin at The New York Times’ DealBook conference on Thursday.

“Our employees were all crying,” she said. “And the question that they’re asking, especially those who are not white, ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I would have to answer those questions.”

After congratulating Trump for his success, Nooyi, who supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in the presidential race, said everyone in the US needed assurance of their safety.

“What we heard was election talk,” she said.

Nooyi also said she was disgusted more generally by the language that has been used to discuss women in recent months.

Now this…

The Pepsico stock dropped 2% since Indri attacked the president-elect.

A commenter on the Pundit’s site left this info:

All of Pepsi’s products – PepsiCo’s 22 top global brands are Gatorade, Pepsi, Tropicana, Lay’s, Mountain Dew, Doritos, Diet Pepsi, Lipton, 7Up, Quaker, Cheetos, Mirinda, Aquafina, Ruffles, Tostitos, Pepsi Max, Sierra Mist, Fritos, Diet Mountain Dew, Starbucks ready-to-drink beverages, Brisk, and Walkers. Each brand encompasses numerous products under its umbrella.

The weaklings this turd skin is describing need to be culled from the herd, if what she’s saying is true. The level of butthurt by the left is comical.

butt hurt gif

9 thoughts on “Dothead Pepsi CEO Smears Trump, Sees Stock Decline

  1. #BoycottPepsi is trending on Twitter. Good! We no longer drink Pepsi or Coke, but if we did, it would no longer be any of their products. Some might remember, several years ago Coke included different nationalities as representative of the U.S. in one of their 2014 Super Bowl ads. All were singing America the Beautiful in their native languages. I think there was only one White singing in English. It caused a storm! I threw out all 5 cases of Coke and told them so. Received a response saying “We’re sorry you were unhappy, blah, blah, blah.” But, then they played the ad again last year.

    This arrogance from companies that wouldn’t be around if it hadn’t been for Whites just blows my mind! Don’t buy PepsiCo products. Let’s get her fired and severely hurt PepsiCo’s bottom line!

  2. “Indri told reporters her employees were “all” scared and crying after Trump’s victory.”

    So none of them voted for Trump? She must be ignorant about her own staff.

    Boycott Coca Cola also and improve your health, I never drink either of these brands or any “fizzy” drink. Especially, children should not drink carbonated caffeine products. Mountain Dew is also caffeinated.

    It is safer to drink beer than carbonated sugary drinks.

  3. I believe that this is the same CEO that I read an article from proclaiming the benefits of more “diverse” boards on companies, basically explicitly stating less White men is a good thing, I feel there is a lot of animosity towards Europeans by Indians.

    • This is true. One angry Indian who is, sadly, allowed to live in Australia told me that Churchill starved millions of them so as to feed Britain during WWII. This is nonsense so far as I know. There was no easy way to get food from India to Britain during WWII.
      The British instead increased the population of India by hundreds of millions by banning the burning of live widows on their husbands funeral pyre, 200 years ago. Big mistake in my opinion.

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