D.C. Negress Wanted for Throwing Hot Soup at Bus Driver


What’s up with black folks not wanting to pay? I guees it’s reparations of a type in the minds of some.

But what this “lady” did on a bus is a crime and if she’s apprehended she’ll have some sort of criminal record (if she doesn’t already). I doubt if she’ll care.

Oh, the carefree life of the Negro race. It must be nice not to care about anything. We could nickname this one the “soup Nazi.” It’s the first crime I’ve seen where soup was the weapon.

NBC Washington

Metro Transit Police are trying to identify a woman threw hot soup on a Metrobus driver after refusing to pay bus fare, a spokesperson for Metro says.

The woman boarded a 96 bus at the Benning Road station early Sunday morning and when the driver told her she would need to pay the fare she responded, “F*** you. I’m not paying anything,” according to Metro spokesperson Dan Stessel. She then boarded the bus and told the operator she would spit on him upon leaving.

About 20 minutes later, the bus arrived to Union Station, where the woman exited the bus and threw hot soup at the driver, Stessel said. She ran eastbound on Massachusetts Avenue NE.

Metro said the bus had a protective plexiglass shield around the operator.

It is not known if the driver was injured.

Police are asking anyone who can identify the woman pictured above to call (301) 955-5000 or text MyMTPD.

Stessel said overall, assaults on bus drivers are down this year about 14 percent, with 62 assaults so far this year. Last year at this time there were 72 assaults, Stessel said.

happy nigger day

11 thoughts on “D.C. Negress Wanted for Throwing Hot Soup at Bus Driver

  1. Black people did not invent motor engines, rubber tyres, steel, glass, seats, paper money, so they do not feel they have to pay anything to ride on a motorised vehicle. If it was a donkey ride, they would pay. Maybe, in bananas or anything else which if free in the jungle.

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