Video: Retarded Anti-Trump Protester Standing in Middle of Freeway Hit by Car

Darwin award winner of the day.


28 thoughts on “Video: Retarded Anti-Trump Protester Standing in Middle of Freeway Hit by Car

  1. Ok I shouldn’t laugh but really! How old was the protestor? 6? After all the images and videos I watched yesterday (which sent me on the TS) I’m not surprises as man are they cocky and stupid.

  2. A woman I think, who believe they are indestructible. She seems to be the most reckless one and probably not looking at the car.
    A shame the car did not hit dozens of them instead.
    Good lesson for all of these fair skinned fools. Where are the negroes? Must whites do all the fighting for social justice against white supremacy? How dare a superior white like Donald Trump get elected, better shut the country down so a mud blood can run the country. I hope the whole group of lefty idiots gets charged by the police.
    The driver would be entitled not to stop due to fear of personal attack or even murder. The driver could make a mobile phone call from say one or two miles up the road, then drive to the nearest police station for breath and drug testing. To avoid a hit and run charge.
    In a lot of poor countries drivers who hit a pedestrian will be attacked by angry locals. This is likely during a situation like this where some of the “heroes” will assume the driver did it on purpose.

    • Update. I read she has a broken leg. The incident took place (allegedly) in San Diego, California, which is where Mark Dice makes those videos of his. He clearly has a lot of stupid to work with in that city, which has a big naval base and has a lot of military retirees.

  3. A side note:

    My friend, 313chris from Occidental Dysentery has had his site banned by WP since the day before. I have no way to reach him. He pulls no punches and neither do I but I’m still up. Is anyone in touch with him by email?

      • Well that sucks. Do you store your photos on your C drive? I save all photos then when doing an article, just pull them from my files. I don’t do Flickr, Twitter is all I can handle, 😛

      • Yeah, I saved every image on my hard drive. So, I haven’t lost any photos. However, my photo space on WordPress is getting close to it’s limit. I’m trying to figure out some workarounds. For example, I can link to any photos on the Dally Stormer and have them appear on my site. I may have another work around I can try, athough the time spent doing workarounds will be a pain.

      • No need to delete. I have over 16,000 photos and gifs. That amounts to 84 percent of your space. You could probably do that much before there was a problem. Even then, if you spend $100 a year you can get more photo space with Word press.

      • I believe that if you delete them, they disappear from your posts. Check and see.

        I name my photos to make them easy to find. Ex: I have several hundred labeled Trump; quite a few labeled Hillary; some labeled Pepe, etc. You could label yours in any sort of scheme that would make them easy to find.

      • No, they are not removed from the posts. IMAGES, DOCUMENTS, VIDEOS, etc is a storage box on WP where you can delete or reuse photos or anything else you use in your posts that is stored there. Believe me, I checked.

        And once I use a photo I have no further use for it so I delete it from my C drive as well.

      • I will experiment with this. If I can delete old photos that I will not use again, then I could free up lots of space on the WP photo area. It would take significant time to do it but it could be done. Thanks for the tip.

      • I found a few articles where the photos don’t show, so I am re inserting those. I don’t know if it’s because I deleted out the WP file or they no longer just show up because article is old. Delete a couple first then check back on it. I’m leaving the rest stored since I have tons of room. It is a lot of work. I’ll have to finish checking tomorrow.

        Sorry I started this.

      • I just conducted an experiment. Put a photo in your WP photos area. Insert it into a new post. Preview the post. You will see the photo in the post.

        Now go back and delete the photo from WP photos area. Go back to the post and preview it again.

        The photo no longer shows. Right? Try it and see. That’s what happened with me. There’s a little tiny box showing where the photo used to be in the post.

        When you delete a photo from the WP photo storage area, it automatically gets deleted from your post. Thus, I’m guess all your oldest posts are missing the photos if you deleted those photos.

      • Unlike me, you have plenty of storage space left. Just name your photos so you can find them easily. WordPress allows you to search photos by date. That makes it easier. For example, if I wanted to find a trump photo from september, I would just set the date box in the photo search to that month and then type in trump in the search box.

      • As an alternative to saving and posting pics from your WP storage area, you can hotlink a pic. Just find it using Google image search. Click on the hotlinked pic below and observe in your browser’s address box that the pic is actually in the photo storage area at Breitbart. Most photos on the Internet can be hotlinked this way.

      • Click…observe…hotlink……WAAAAHHHHH! I’ll save all your suggestions and work on that later. Now I have to finish fixing my articles.

        Good morning and thanks for all your help. You’re a sweetheart.

      • You might set up five to seven labels, such as: blacks, jews, america, europe, politics,women, and news. Then, for example, if you grab a pic of Jesse Jackson, you would name the photo blacks jesse jackson politics. Develop your own system that works for you.

      • I have discovered two workarounds that might work. At least for a while. If you ever need them, I’ll share them with you in an email. I suspect that faggot professor reported me to my photo host.

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