Viral Video: The Deplorables Creed

This short video went viral before the election. It’s a reminder of why people like this hard-working business woman supported Donald Trump.

By the way, she’s not Viking Bitch, but she could be.

Published on Nov 3, 2016
4th generation Texan, mother of four, business owner and rowdy Republican Cathy Landtroop challenges ‘Deplorables’ to make Hillary pay!

8 thoughts on “Viral Video: The Deplorables Creed

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  2. PJ ~ You might want to check out my Twitter feed for the past hour or so. I went on a rampage about the pseudo protesters. These so called “protesters” are not there to protest the election results, but simply seeking any excuse to create chaos. Think of the poor business owners who work hard everyday only to have their shops vandalized and damaged. These protesters are losers with nothing better to do.
    Also, the media is just as bad in glamorizing these protests. If the media just simple report and not make so “entertaining”, perhaps it would die down. I spared none. Showed them how Beijing handled protesting students on 6/4/89. How Afghanistan treats women. Graphic photos and a Jewish woman started a fight w/me so I told her to F*** Off.

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